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It seems that everybody is into residential proxies now. The BlackHatWorld forum is filled with threads from people asking for mobile, 4g, or residential ...

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Sneakers proxies are some of the least understood private proxies packages. But the opposite stands true, these proxies are just like any other type of special ...

Scraping e-commerce websites usually involve crawling the whole domain with a standard crawling framework or developing a dedicated crawler or scraper. Both ...

Proxychains is a great tool to have on your PC, either if you plan on using it or not on a daily basis. If you plan on using Beagle Scraper for e-commerce ...

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Yes, residential proxies work on Craigslist. Make sure you filter the IPs based on the city/state where you live.

  2. Hi, not one in particular. Check on reddit, there are a couple of cook groups with many members.

  3. Hi Pete,

    For Amazon? Not specifically. However, you can contact them and ask them to issue proxies with IPs never used on Amazon before. Most virgin proxy providers will manage to do it.

  4. Hi Haim,

    Residential Proxies are a category of their own, that’s why they are not listed here. Indeed, they could work with sneaker proxies. Did you use any residential proxies until now?

  5. Yes, you can use a VPN too, but it’s really unnecessary. Plus it will add one extra layer of encryption that will slow down your connection with shoe-selling websites, which can be a big disadvantage during a release.

  6. Yes, they work directly with ISP (Internet Service Providers) and rent IPs from them.

  7. Hi Wikker, it depends on what your social media bot supports, but generally, you will be better off with HTTP proxies. There are more providers selling them and they tend to be cheaper.

  8. Hi, The proxy use is not the problem when it comes to account blocks. You need to make sure you do not set your accounts’ follow settings too aggressively. You need to set your accounts to emulate other users and to not spam IG.

  9. Hi Klaus, not sure about that because they didn’t mention it. Check with them to be sure.

  10. Hi Raj,

    Not really. As long as both the old and new bots support your type of proxies (HTTP or SOCKS, depending on what you have) it should be alright.

  11. Yes Theo, they do, but they’re called “Shopping Proxies”

  12. Dear Mark,

    All providers have Toronto/Canada proxies. So you can pick which one you want.

  13. Hi James,

    Here’s an older article where we gave the answer to your question:

  14. Dear Max,

    It all depends on what you are trying to do and where you are going to use your proxies.

    If you want to scrape the web, yes you can use public proxies as well, but you have to expect that some of them won’t work as they might be already flagged.

  15. Pierre, in the world of proxies and VPNs, there is nothing bulletproof.

    Indeed, residential proxies work better for and might not get blocked as often, but this doesn’t mean they’re perfect.

  16. I don’t think this app allows Socks, Like most bots, I think it supports only HTTP proxies.

  17. Hi Lance, ideally you shouldn’t refresh your proxies with new IP. but if you blocked them, ask your provider to issue new IPs.

  18. Hi Shelby,

    This depends on your provider. Check with them first.

  19. Gary, just by using 4g proxies doesn’t mean that they are ban-proof. You need to check your settings and make sure your acc don’t abuse IG.

  20. I don’t really recommend them for social media. You should choose dedicated for IG.

  21. Yes, all residential and mobile proxy work with jarvee or any other social media bot.

  22. Hi SnkrBot, no, not really. If you manage your IPs well, there won’t be any issues.

  23. Hi Sofia, please contact SSLPrivateProxy via their contact page. Thank you!

  24. hello David,

    This is Chris, from is offering a recurring discounts now, with -30% off classified Ads proxies.


    And ask them to allocate proxies in your area of choice.

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