Get best sneaker proxies and bots [2019 UPDATE]

If you look to start an online business for coping sneakers and selling them afterward, you will need to create a setup with the best sneaker proxies and one sneaker bot to implement your proxies.

UPDATE: The sneaker selling secondary marketing is growing more than ever. With this year being reported as the biggest year yet for reseller market, with is expected to surpass the $1 Billion mark. This means that coping sneakers online can be a lucrative side-project for many sneakerheads.

Here’s everything there is to know regarding sneaker proxies.

Also, I should note that before buying your first ever package of proxies for sneakers, do your homework and gather as much information as possible. In this way, you can avoid wasting money on a steep learning curve.


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Here’s what we’ll cover:


For this kind of setup you, choosing the best sneaker proxies is a must. Even if there are no guarantees of success (because coping became too complicated), with the best sneaker proxies you diminish the risk of getting your accounts blocked by the sneaker websites.


In addition, even if you do not get your accounts banned and IPs flagged by sneaker websites, you still need some of the best sneaker proxies just to connect to the sneaker websites.

Not many sneakerheads think like this, but proxies for sneakers can be considered as an insurance policy. Let’s not forget, coping became a booming industry (according to FinancialTimes). What I mean is that by using them, the provider guarantees they will work and connect your sneaker bot during releases.


Sneaker proxies are virgin private proxies used to cope sneakers from apparel websites. The sneaker websites are some of the most restrictive websites online. Therefore, there are not many sneaker proxies available.

Moreover, the IPs scarcity for sneakers proxies is very high, making them very difficult to be created. Thus, the best sneaker proxies tend are more expensive than regular private proxies.

Our shopping private proxies are designed to work with AIO Bot. We guarantee working AIO Bot proxies. (IPLease)

It is worth mentioning that when choosing sneaker proxies, the price should not be considered as a deciding factor. There are many other features that need to be considered beside price.

Even if you purchase the best sneaker proxies, you will still need a sneaker bot in order to cop sneakers on-line.


I must say that this is a fairly logical question that many entrepreneurs looking to get into the sneakers coping game ask on dedicated forums. Even on Quora, there are people asking this question. Thus, I will try to answer and hopefully shed some light on this issue.

First, there is the usage issue.

Sneaker proxies, like other dedicated packages (such as Instagram proxies), are mainly used on one, or few websites. Thus, the IPs of these proxies are clean, preferably virgin. Which means that they were never used on sneaker selling websites. This accomplishes two things:

  1. Your receive clean IPs and your connection is guaranteed to sneaker selling website (however, successful coping – getting your hands on one or several pairs of shoes – is not guaranteed)
  2. You can connect them without fearing disconnections or a ban during the coping session

Second, there’s the banning issue.

You might not be aware, but most sneaker selling websites ban proxies in one particular way. When they detect suspicious “behavior” from one account, they won’t block only that account. But they will block the whole IP-range from where the account used to connect to sneaker selling websites.

For example, let’s consider that ill-intended user, abusing his sneaker bot, places buying orders from his home’s Internet connection and uses the IP address Now, if the website where he does his abusive coping bans this user, the whole IP range will be blocked as well (all IPs from to Therefore, if his neighbor, using the same ISP (Internet Service Provider) and having an IP from this range, is automatically banned from the sneaker selling website. Even if he didn’t participate during the release.

This banning issue is also the reason why providers selling proxies for sneakers will sell them in packages of more than 50, 150 or even 250 IPs/proxy package.

Getting back to our question of why using sneaker packages instead of regular ones, the answer is:

  1. To secure your connectivity and get smooth coping session during releases
  2. To protect your proxies from other users that have an (unfortunately) abusive behavior (I will get back to this in the next section)

In other words, you can consider that by buying special proxies for Supreme or other websites, you are guaranteed that you’ll be able to connect your bot without any major issues.


There isn’t an ideal number of proxies that you should buy for your sneaker bot. Actually, with a bit of luck, you could cop with only one single IP address. However, your chances to get your hands on a limited-edition pair of shoes by using one single IP are minimal.

This is why, when it comes to sneaker bots and coping, the more proxies you have the better. However, most of you will be coping on a limited budget, so we can’t consider using too many proxies.


At the same time, providers sell packages for sneaker proxies in lots of 50, 100, 150 or 250 IPs. So, the perfect number of proxies should be an “equilibrium point” between the minimal number of IPs that a provider sells and your budget.

But, at the same time, you need to make sure that nobody else is using any IP from your IP-range. Thus, your IPs won’t get blocked because other users had an abusive behavior.

The best thing you could do is to buy a whole IP-range (all 250 IPs) and use as many IPs as you need. Even if you use 10 IPs, you still need the whole IP range as an insurance that nobody will block your IPs.

On the other hand, if your budget is not limited, you can buy as many proxies as you want. And you can experiment with using more than one IP range at a time.


All private proxy packages have several features listed. However, not all of them are important for those of you that want to buy proxies for sneakers websites.

These are the features that you should consider when buying sneakers proxies.

  • Always buy US-based IPs.
  • Even if you find European or UK IPs, they won’t work and you risk paying for proxies that won’t connect you successfully.
  • This is a neglected aspect that many users don’t consider when buying their proxies.
  • All you have to do is to make sure that the proxy provider is selling you US-based IPs.
  • This depends on the proxy type used by your sneaker bot.
  • Before buying proxies from a particular provider, make sure they offer the same proxy types as the ones supported by your sneaker bot.
  • Most sneaker proxies are HTTP/S proxies and this shouldn’t be an issue. But it’s worth taking it into consideration.
Dedicated IPs or Residential
  • You need dedicated IPs (read below to find out why).
  • Look to buy IPs from the same subnet or IP range.
  • Preferably, buy a whole IP range and make sure nobody else uses other IPs as you.
Monthly Randomization
  • It’s a welcomed feature but not required.
  • Ideally, you will never have to change your IPs or ask for an IP refresh for your proxies.
  • Make sure the provider has this listed as a feature.



Sneaker bots are nothing more than desktop based applications used to cop on sneaker websites. The advantage of sneaker bots is that you can connect multiple accounts and let them cop at the same time. In this way, you increase your chances of getting the desired pair of sneakers.

Some of the most successful and most used sneaker bots are Better Nike Bot and Another Nike Bot. Whereas for other websites, as Supreme New York, you can get the SuperCopBot.



If you are looking to scale in your operation, the through purchasing power will be given by the number of accounts you are running to cop sneakers. Scaling of your operation can be achieved only if you buy the best sneaker proxies and use them for your accounts.


You can get reliable residential proxies, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use them to cop successfully on sneaker selling websites.

I mentioned in the article on Instagram proxies why residential (also called rotating or backconnect) proxies don’t work on websites where you need to connect online accounts.

To answer this question, I will keep it short, with just a couple of bullet points:

  • Residential proxy providers don’t own their IPs, they “rent” them
  • The IPs that you use through residential proxies are used by their other users (the real IP owner)

How does that work?

Well, most residential proxy providers “rent” their IPs from regular users by offering them free services. For example, the Luminati proxy network uses the IP addresses of the users that installed Hola VPN on their PCs. Luminati gets to use the user’s IP address and the user gets a free VPN connection through Hola.

This is why residential proxies are not a good option when looking to buy proxies for a sneaker bot.

Other aspects that don’t make residential proxies a good option:

  • You never know when your rotating IP will rotate – it can happen during a release and your sneaker bot could log out without coping
  • The IPs that you receive might be already blocked by sneaker websites, blocking you completely from coping

Some residential proxy providers might be selling sneaker proxies, but keep the above in might when buying rotating proxies for sneaker coping.


I think the above section explains all there is to know about rotating proxies and sneaker selling websites.

Regarding the differences between rotating proxies and sneakers ones, all that you should know is that sneaker proxies have dedicated (usually virgin) IPs whereas rotating proxies rotate their IPs at a set time interval. So the proxy’s IP could change during a release and block your bot access to coping.


As mentioned above, not many proxy providers offer sneaker proxies. Very few have succeeded in developing sneaker packages.

In addition, best sneaker proxies should also support, which very few proxy providers are confident in granting permission.

Get only the Best Sneaker Proxies

If you want to buy the best sneaker proxies, do not look for the price of those proxies.

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