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Buy SEO proxies if you want to rank better for getting more targeted traffic towards your website. When it comes to an website traffic, search engine rankings is a major success factor. Due to the competitive on-line environment, Search engine optimization has become difficult. Ranking on the first page of Google has become more difficult nowadays. But, with the help of SEO proxies, you can help your website rank better and faster.



SEO proxies are private proxies used for various tasks related to search engine optimization. Because there is no account connected through SEO proxies, these can be either cheap shared proxies or dedicated private proxies. In addition, the can be either HTTP proxies or HTTPS proxies.

Furthermore, for SEO, any type of proxy ca be used. From large, harvested free proxy lists to virgin private proxies, any proxy that will connect you to a search engine can be considered a SEO proxy.

Providers call them SEO proxies because they are allocated especially for search engines, thus, they are neither flagged, nor blocked proxies. Making it safe to conduct multiple queries in a limited amount of time. As for any other special use private proxy, the name ‘SEO proxy’ is given by the provider as a way to keep track of his proxies and where they are working.


If the proxies purchased are either SEO ones or normal proxies, it does not matter, as long as you can perform your search engine optimization.

Private proxies for SEO are used to, simply, rank better your website. They are used either to do search engine scraping, keyword harvesting, link harvesting or blog commenting. They are used to do off-page optimization. Meaning they are used to create inbound links towards your websites.

The links you will manage to harvest and divert towards your website will help Google know what your website is about and how to rank it properly.

SEO proxies have to be used with a SEO tool. Some of the most popular tools are ScrapeBox, Senuke, GSA or Sick Submitter. Once you have included your proxies in the SEO tool, it is time to let it run.


Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of an websites. Search engines are a very important traffic source, thus optimizing and ranking better is a vital step in an website’s success.

Ranking takes time, from a few weeks to a few months. And the goal is to reach the first page of Google results. Here is where websites ranked for a certain keyword will get the most traffic from.

The ultimate goal of every website owner is to rank on Google’s first page for more than one keyword. The ranking on Google’s first page is as important as renting prime real estate location for a shop. Both real estate and keyword raking function the same way. They bring traffic in front of your business. The more traffic you get, the better the chances of acquiring new customers.

The concept of SEO revolves around getting as much distribution as possible. More first page rankings for your niche keywords, the higher the chances of getting more distribution of traffic of potential customers to your website.

Each keyword acts as a distribution channel funneling leads to your website. The more distribution channels you have the better your chances of success. But what is distrition, how can be used for SEO and where SEO proxies fit it?


As mentioned above, the more keywords you are ranking for, the more distribution for your website you will have.

Distribution is very important for every business. Today, it is very hard to have a monopoly on a niche or business sector. Because monopoly can’t be achieved, most business sectors are very competitive. Thus, the only way to reach profitability is to either dominate distribution or to expand your distribution to as many channels as possible.

While you can’t have the monopoly on a business sector, you can have a distribution monopoly on certain channels. One of these channels is ranking for keywords.

By ranking for keywords, and reaching the top spots on Google search results, your website is basically controlling the distribution for that keyword. Thus, creating your own mini-monopoly.

With these monopolies, not only you increase the reach of your website and its traffic, but also the chances of increasing your profit.

In order to dominate distribution for your chosen keywords and get more traffic and profits, you will need to help Google understand and rank your website. You can achieve this by building inbound backlinks towards your website. You can achieve this with the help of any search engine optimization tool. Once you have decided on your SEO tool it is time to decide on what SEO proxies to use. You will need your SEO proxies to make multiple search engine queries and diversify the IPs visiting your website.


As mentioned, SEO proxies are private proxies used for SEO. For your endeavor, you can use almost any private proxy you want. And because you do not have to connect any accounts, you can choose either cheap shared proxies or private proxies.

In addition, SEO is the only use for which we recommend choosing proxies based on price.

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