We Are Testing The Best Private Proxies In 2017

We decided to search and find the best private proxies in 2017. Right after we thought about performing such test, issues started arising. First, testing to find the best private proxies will take a long. There are more than 20 providers. And we are going to test every provider over the course of several weeks.

We are trying to test all proxy providers at once to eliminate any flaw and make our test a standard in the private proxies industry.

Searching For Best Private Proxies In 2017

This is a daunting task that we are trying to perform impartially and objectively. Before we start, we must confess that here at bestproxyproviders.com we are already using private proxies from two providers. However, this will not impact our proxies because we will perform this test incognito.

This means that we are going to create a separate email account. Furthermore, for not disclosing our identity, we are going to make the payments from our own private accounts. So, from the provider’s perspective, our test of finding the best private proxies of 2017 will look like a regular customer making inquiries about their services, buying their private proxies and then using those proxies.

Why Are We Searching For Best Private Proxies?

The main reason for which we are searching for the best private proxies is to help our visitors get a feel of how their possible interaction with potential proxy providers will be and what to best when buying their private proxies.

Indeed, this is not an original idea. But we couldn’t care less. Because we want to see results and make it easier for our visitors to find the best provider for them and get the best-suited proxies for their needs.

The idea of taking a mystery shopping approach to review came from the hosting review website Hosting Facts. They simply bought hosting packages from most hosting providers and started using them for random websites. And at the same time they tested customer support. Thus offering a complete view of what a potential buyer and expect to experience if they buy hosting services from those providers.

Best Private Proxies Test Parameters

Even before we start the test, we are going to create a few email accounts from which we are going to test their pre-sales customer support desk. This is a simple test, that will be performed during U.S. business hours.

By testing pre-sales customer support, we are taking a normal path of getting support and then buying their services. Through testing customer support, we are looking for the speed with which our questions will be answered. Bare in mind we will not test how fast a canned reply is a provider, but actually for how long does it take to receive the answer of our private proxy questions.

After we test pre-sales customer support, we are going to buy a dedicated private proxy package of medium range price. We will be looking for private proxies packages similar to this randomly generated and imaginary private proxies package:

  • Price – up to $3 per private proxy
  • Number of proxies – 5
  • Locations – All US private proxies

Once we manage to find a proxy package similar to the one imagined by us, we are going to start the test of finding the best private proxies in 2017. And the measures we are going to test are:

1. Connectivity

This is the most important aspect of finding the best private proxies in 2017. A potential customer needs working proxies. While some proxy providers offer dedicated private proxies for certain services, we are going to try and connect through their proxy package to most social media, sneakers selling and classified ads websites. The list will be included in each providers review page.

2. Speed

Another major aspect of finding who sells the best private proxies in 2017. Connectivity without speed is useless. You might be able to connect to your desired online website, but if your private proxies are slow, you won’t be able to do much with them. We are going to simply test our speed through speedtest.net.

3. Location

This part will simply display the location (city/area) of each of the proxies tested. Bear in mind, we are not going to display the IP. We are going to show print screen from whoer.net

4. Up Time

We are still thinking on how to perform this task. At the moment we are still testing ways on how to find ways to test up-time. We are performing several tests and when we will find out which one is best, we are going to test it to find the uptime of private proxies.

When are we starting?

This is still a secret. We are not going to divulge this part. The test for best proxy provider could start today, or in six months from now. Or maybe we started it already! We are not going to tell when we started it and who we tested.

To find the best private proxies in 2017 we need complete anonymity. Providers don’t need to know which of their client’s accounts are ours. The next article related to our test will be the one with the results and the nomination for best private proxies.

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