What Risks You Face When Using Proxies For Instagram


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Did you face issues when using Instagram proxy services? Or worst: did you have your accounts blocked due to faulty proxies? You are not alone. Sometimes, getting new IPs for your accounts seems a hit or miss. But, there’s always a solution. Here are seven common risks and solutions faced by any marketer when using proxies for Instagram.

1. Permanent account ban

Waking up to find a permanent account ban is the worst thing that can happen to your social media marketing operation.

instagram account blocked

Many marketers will blame their Instagram proxy providers. But this is not always the case. Usually, a permanent ban occurs when Instagram flags an account as spam because of its aggressive actions.

When something like this occurs, both the account and the proxy IP are flagged. The flagging and baning take place in this exact order. First, the account gets blocked; then, the proxy becomes unusable on IG.

Solution: Unfortunately, a permanently blocked account can’t be used anymore. Neither the proxy. In such circumstances, the only thing left to do is to create a new account and to ask your proxy provider to refresh your blocked IPs (most providers have a 30 day IP refresh through which you can ask for new IPs for your proxies.

2. Frequent blocks

This issue is more common than the first one.

frequent blocks on instagram

It can happen for a variety of reasons, one of which is using faulty proxies with a bot like Jarvee or FollowLiker. But the main reason is again an account with aggressive settings. However, this issue can also happen because of bad Jarvee proxies.

frequent blocks on instagram 2

Solution: A frequent block means that your account is still usable and active. So you can run a little test to find the cause of this issue. One test that you can perform is to replicate your account’s actions without a proxy. If the problem persists and you face new account blocks, it means that your settings are set too high, and you need to lower them. However, if using the same settings and connecting your account through a different IP address, your account is not blocked; it means the issue resides with your proxy’s IP. The solution is to contact your provider and ask for an IP refresh, so you can get a fresh IP and continue using your account.

3. Unexpected downtime


Every provider has this issue, regardless if they sell datacenter or 4G mobile proxies for Instagram.

Luckily, this issue is caused by your account, so you can say that your account is protected and undamaged.

It isn’t straightforward to identify when downtime occurs and for how long. Downtime becomes a problem when your account has to perform an action or to post content.

Solution: If you notice that your provider has frequent downtime issues take these two steps (in this exact order):

  1. Let them know about your problem and ask for an IP refresh from a different server than the one you used until then.
  2. Change your proxy provider and look for providers offering better services.

4. Getting blocked Instagram proxies


This is pure bad luck.

You might be drawn to a new provider selling proxies on a discount. Or you might be fooled into buying the best Instagram proxies, which are cheaper than the competition.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous providers sell regular proxies marketed as proxies for Instagram bots. And most often than not, these proxies have already been blocked by the social network.

Solution: When something like this happens, all you have to do is to change the provider. Such a provider can’t be trusted. So it’s best to end your business as quickly as possible and avoid any further (account or monetary) losses.

5. Buying shared proxies


How can you know if the proxy for Instagram that you purchased is shared or dedicated? Short answer: you can’t.

This is an issue with the whole industry. You never know if the IPs you bought are dedicated to you (if you’re the sole users) or are shared between you and other providers.

It’s not that these companies selling proxies do something strange in the background. This issue is caused by how proxy servers are created and setup.

At the end of the day, you are just a user (a proxy client), whereas the provider’s server has more authority in the connection configuration. Hence, for as long as you buy datacenter proxies, you will never know if you purchased dedicated IPs or shared ones.

Regarding residential and mobile proxies, this issue is solved by their setup: all rotating residential IPs are shared between several users.

Furthermore, in regards to dedicated residential proxies with fixed IPs, we have the same issue as in the case of datacenter proxies – you never know what you get.

Your only option is to trust your provider.

Solution: Always buy dedicated and residential proxies for Instagram from reputable providers. You can find reputable providers here.

6. Buying transparent Instagram proxies

What are transparent proxies?

These proxies handle your traffic, but they also forward your real IP address to the requested website.

transparent proxy headers

In other words, using transparent proxies, your PC’s IP address is advertised to all the websites you visit.

Luckily most private and residential providers offer high-anonymous, elite proxies. They can’t risk delivering a sub-par service. And you can easily detect if there is an issue with your IPs.

Solution: Once you bought your proxies, test their IPs with an IP checker to see which IP and location the checker shows. If it displays the server’s details than your proxies are anonymous. However, if you can see your IP and real location displayed on the IP checker website, then you bought transparent proxies. If this is the case, you need to change your proxies and never use the transparent ones. Furthermore, if the problem persists, it’s best to change the provider.

7. Not buying real 4G mobile proxies for Instagram


This is a lesser-known problem that many users face without knowing.

Let’s face it: how many times have you tested your mobile proxy for Instagram?

Probably never.

That’s why services offering 4G/mobile packages for very low prices should raise a question mark.

How come do they offer such a cheap service, how can they do it when they have to pay for their IP acquisition? It would be best if you thought about it before buying cheap mobile proxies.

But if you bought them already, there’s a solution for you.

Solution: Test them. The test is easy to perform, and you can do it with your browser. Check this guide on how to test your mobile proxies for Instagram.

To wrap up

I hope you’ll never deal with any of the above issues. But if you have already encountered one, drop a comment so we can find a solution for you. Using proxies for social media come with some issues that you should be aware of, but regardless if the problem is caused by your accounts’ actions or your proxy provider, there is always a solution.

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