Best Craigslist Proxies In 2020 [UPDATED]

Advertising and posting on Craigslist can be a lucrative business for experts in local marketing. Those successful at posting and selling on classified ads websites can scale their operation by using the best Craigslist proxies available in 2017. By using these proxies, marketers can scale their operations by either posting several ads in the same area or by extending into other areas.

For example, a boat selling company can use Craigslist proxies to increase the number of their classified ads in their area. Furthermore, they can use proxies to extend and post in any other given area suitable to their business.

Buy the best Craigslist proxies

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However, not every proxy provider, consequently not every private dedicated proxy, is suitable to be used for classified ads websites. And with proxy packages ranging from 5 to several tens of proxies, purchasing from the wrong provider can be a costly mistake. So, we looked around the web to find the best Craigslist proxies or at least to find proper proxies for posting on classified ads websites.

UPDATE: Craigslist posting is slowly becoming a profitable way of reaching new customers. Regardless of the product sold, either physical items or local services, classified ads websites are a great way of finding local customers.

craigslist proxies traffic to classified ads

Classified ads websites block your access to posting multiple ads to multiple locations. And you are limited to posting only one ad in one area. But, now you can leverage ads platforms by creating multiple posts through which you can reach a larger audience.

As explained here, Posting on Craigslist is a simple task. The difficult part is creating multiple posts so you can increase your chances of being discovered by potential customers.

Here’s where Craigslist proxies come into play. Using proxies, you can create multiple ads and post them at the same time, avoiding any limits to how many visitors your ads reach. This is the goal of this article. Simply put, these are the providers offering the best Craigslist proxies you can buy in 2018.

cragislist proxies posting tool

Once you buy your IPs, the next logical step is to create ads and post them through each individual IP. Posting on Craigslist is a simple task, as explained here. The difficult part is creating multiple posts so you can increase your chances of being discovered by potential customers. And the even more difficult part is finding working proxies through which you can post your ads.

Here’s what’s covered :

Why buy Craigslist proxies – the difference

You might consider buying other, cheaper packages offered by proxy providers and then start posting on Craigslist. However, I don’t advise doing this because cheaper or shared proxies won’t work with ads websites.

Moreover, you should also consider that Craigslist and other classified ads websites are locally-orientated. They have geo-restrictions set in place or better said, have subdomains targeted to specific geographical areas. And this is the difference between proxies for Craigslist and other packages:

  • Normal proxy packages don’t offer the option to choose the location of your server and IPs
  • CL or classified ads proxy packages have the option to pick your IPs and server location

So, if you want to post around the Chicago area, you can buy IPs exclusively from the Chicago area. In this way, your ad posting pattern will look normal you won’t raise any suspicions (in comparison to posting on Chicago CL from a Los Angeles IP).

Craigslist Message: This posting is being blocked


Chances are you have encountered this message already. Usually, you receive this message when trying to create multiple Craigslist postings at the same time and from the same IP address (and sometimes for the same product category).

The easiest way to unlock it, or better said to avoid this block on future posts is to use different IPs for your posting. For example, use multiple proxies for Craigslist to post multiple ads.

And at the same time, limit the number of posts per IP that you want to publish. Let’s say up to three posts for each proxy IP you have. In this way, you won’t trigger any blocking filters and your ads will go public.

Why is Craigslist blocked

Craigslist is not blocked per se. Unless you’ve done some terrible things on the platform, nobody will block your access to Craigslist. Nevertheless, you might have your access limited for posting ads on the platform. This is a completely different issue.

As mentioned above, this is due to the fact that you probably tried posting too many ads from the same IP address. The solution is to diversify your IPs by getting several proxies for Craigslist posting and spread your ads through them.

The IP address you are using has been flagged as an open proxy

You will see this message rarely. However, should you be prompted with this message by Craigslist, you need to change your proxy’s IP address.

The step of getting a new IP is straightforward.

Most providers offer an IP refresh function. Basically, if you have static IPs, every 30 days you can request a proxy refresh and the provider will issue new IPs for your proxies. Also, I recommend you mention this error to your provider to make sure you get working proxies.

3 Important features to consider

Apart from getting geo-targeted proxies for your posting ads campaigns, the other are features offered by providers should be considered. However, you shouldn’t stress over them because most providers included them in their packages.

Features to consider:

  1. HTTP or SOCKS – You should buy HTTP proxies, even if you’re using an ad posting software. Most packages for classified ads websites have HTTP/HTTPS proxies, this is an important factor as you’ll need to use your IPs inside your browser (if you post your ads manually).
  2. Number of IPs – The more IPs you can buy the better. For example, if you buy 20 proxies, you will have 20 IPs so you can post multiple ads.
  3. One Posts per IP – Never post more than one ad per IP. So if you get 20 IPs, create 20 different ads. More ads per single IP calls for trouble.

5 Best Craigslist Proxies “Must Have”

Before deciding on a proxy provider and buying a classified ads proxy package, one must consider several factors. While these factors are technical, they can easily be understood by most users of classified ads websites.

1. Custom Location

Best Craigslist proxy packages must offer the right to choose the area/city where you want your proxies allocated. It is pointless to ask for classified ads proxies from Miami and being allocated Chicago proxies. So, the first factor to consider is if the provider has servers in your desired area. And if the proxy package you buy has the option of choosing your IP locations.

2. Dedicated / Fresh IP

Using proxies and several IPs for posting on Craigslist is not a new game. Marketers have been doing it ever since the inception of online classified ad boards. So websites are no strange to multiple ads posted through proxies. Therefore, the best Craiglist proxies must have fresh IPs, dedicated and virgin for the underlying website. This means that your provider should allocate proxies never used for that website before.

3. Multiple Craigslist Proxy Server Locations

Similar to the point (1), a proxy provider offering Craigslist proxies must have multiple locations under their management. Preferably one server in each U.S. state.

Why’s that?

Definitely, you will not use proxies from each state. Are you mostly interested in proxies in your area right? The capability of having servers in every US state is a subtle quality that your provider must have. By having multiple locations around the United States, it implies that the provider has done its homework.

Moreover, it means that their proxies are good enough to allow them country-wide expansion. So, when interested in proxies for a particular location, look for providers with servers from all over the United States.

4. Large IP Pool

This factor is strongly related to the above point. You will use proxies to connect to only a few classified ads websites in your area. Therefore, you must ask your providers to allocate you proxies from multiple subnets.

5. IP Refresh

You will use your proxies to connect to a few online platforms. And the fewer platforms you connect to, the higher the chances that some of your ads and IPs will be flagged. Once in a while, you will need to refresh your proxies to have working proxies. Thus, best Craiglist proxies’ packages must offer IP refresh option for every 30 days or every billing cycle.

Private Proxies or VPNs for posting

This is quite a popular question on Quora, where many users have asked which is the better tool for posting: proxies or VPNs? The simple answer is the former – proxies.

Let me explain it why.

Proxies are used for automating tasks, plus you can implement more than one proxy in dedicated software. For example, an ad posting tool can support multiple IPs at the same time. So you can use as many proxies as you want.

VPNs, on the other hand, don’t allow you to use more than one connection at any given time. Thus, to change your IP you need to disconnect the VPN client from its server and reconnect again.

Another factor to consider is that a VPN lets you choose your location, but not the IP address used. Hence, without knowing, you risk posting multiple ads from the IP address.

Private Proxy VPN
Use multiple dedicated IPs at the same time Single connection to an unverified IP address (You don’t know what Ip you’ll be allocated)
Ability to easily choose the proxy IP address You can’t choose the IP address – A VPN connects you to a server from a particular city, but to a particular gateway IP

Buying multiple proxies for Craigslists will cost you more than buying a single VPN. However, the costs are still low. And as mentioned by SSLPrivateProxy, you can start a classified ad posting business with less than $100.

By flipping item through Craigslist proxies, you have several advantages. First, you do not need to stock an inventory for too long. Second, by using local private proxies, you can post several ads, making your items appear in front of as many buyers as possible.

Why Craigslist is Blocking Tor IP addresses

I don’t know how many Tor IPs are blocked, or how many of you have used Tor for posting on Craigslist and other classified ads websites, but there is one issue with Tor that I think you know it by now: Tor doesn’t let you choose the IP address of its exit note (where your traffic is encrypted and sent to the open Internet).


As you can see you can’t choose the IP address of the Tor exit note. Even if you click on “New Identity”, you will be allocated a random exit node.

Other websites where you post classified ads

What if I tell you that there are other websites, similar to Craigslist, where you can post your ads. You can post on:

  • Letgo
  • Recycler
  • Offerup
  • Oodle

However, with other 50 billion page views and 80 million ads, Craigslist remains one of the best options when it comes to promoting your products through classified ads.

Are proxies for Craigslist posting different than other proxies?

Depends what you understand by “different”. If you refer to tech specs and server configuration, proxies for Craigslist posting aren’t any different than other servers, like public or private ones.

In the end, their [servers] only job is to forward and handle user requests coming to and from websites.

But, if you refer to these Craigslist proxy servers’ ability to connect and post successfully on classified ads websites, then yes! They are different from other servers through their IP’s history with CL and their ability to avoid spam-flagging.

So, the main factor to consider when getting proxies for Craigslist posting is if their IPs have been allocated for classified ads websites and can connect for posting without any issues.

That’s the difference you should seek.

Can I use residential proxy for Craigslist?

No and yes!

This is the exact order that we should answer this question. Here’s why.

No – You can’t use general residential proxies for Craigslist because they rotate randomly. So if you want to post in a city from California, chances are that the next residential IP allocated to you will be from (for the sake of the argument, let’s say:) Alaska.

So, no, you can’t really use residential proxies.

However, you can use residential proxies for Craigslist only if you can limit the main proxy server’s IPs to a certain city or area.

In which case, the answer is yes, you can use them for posting.

For example, Smartproxy and Luminati allow geo-filtering their residential IPs. So, if you want to post on Craiglist on a city from California, you can limit the IPs you’ll use to California, or to that particular city

How to change my IP address to post on Craiglist

If you chose using proxies instead of VPNs for Craigslist, changing the IP address for posting is done at an app level.

For automated posting, you need to set your proxies’ IP addresses at the bot level. Check your bot for proxy settings and start from there.

But, when you post manually, you need to change your IP at a browser level. Here’s how you can change it in Mozilla Firefox.


Imperfection Is The Name Of The Game

There is no perfect proxy providers. After deciding on the best Craigslist proxy package for your needs, contact the provider via their support channel and make sure that you will get the custom Craiglist proxy package tailored to your needs.

Addicted to anything tech-related. I write about innovation, automation, marketing and technology. But here I write mainly about private proxies.

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