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With more than 2 billion users, Facebook is the largest social network today and it is one of the best marketing channels you can use to promote your products and services.

Almost anybody with an Internet connection is present on Facebook. And marketing on the largest social network presents a few opportunities that you need to take into consideration. To profit from these opportunities, you can use Facebook proxies to automate your accounts and develop a large following.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying proxies for Facebook for marketing purposes. From what package to buy from selected providers to accounts per IP ratio, everything related to marketing through multiple IPs and accounts on Facebook is here.

Where to buy Facebook proxies


There aren’t many providers offering working proxies for Facebook. We did the research and come up with the above providers.

We consider these providers the best ones offering working proxies for the largest social network.

Dedicated IPs for special use

All of these providers offer dedicated packages named “Facebook proxies” and this is the main reason for which you should buy from them.

By promoting through working IPs and dedicated packages, you have the certainty you will get working IPs – so you don’t have to worry about connectivity issues. At the same time, this is also a safety feature because if, the proxies you buy from them don’t work, you can always ask for an IP refresh or a refund.

This is why, if you need to connect accounts and use static IPs, look for “branded” packages. They guarantee your connection to your desired web platform.

This is the main difference between buying regular packages and dedicated ones. For example, if you buy a regular proxy package, with simple private or shared IPs, you don’t have any guarantee they will connect and login your accounts.

Furthermore, these regular IPs might have been used previously on Facebook and they could be already flagged and banned. So besides not connecting your accounts, they might also block or ban your accounts.

3 Key Features of proxies for Facebook

These are some of the most important features that you should consider when buying your proxies for marketing.

  1. Virgin IPs – always look to buy virgin IPs for social media marketing because you will connect accounts through them. And if one IP was used and flagged as spam, it could trigger a ban or block on your account (if you try to connect a social media account through that IP). But if the IP you bought is virgin (never used on Facebook), you will connect safely and securely, without any further risks.
  2. Monthly randomization – when buying your proxies, check if the service offers monthly randomization. This feature allows you to ask for new IPs every month. You might not need this feature, but it is a fail-safe measure in case one of your accounts is banned and the IP flagged. In this case, you simply ask the provider to refresh the flagged IP, so you can start with a new account and a clean IP address.
  3. Dedicated not shared IPs – you need to buy dedicated proxies for Facebook instead of shared IPs to mitigate the risk of having both your IPs and accounts blocked on the social network because of other proxy users’ abusive behavior.

What about bot support

This is not a feature related to your IPs, but more to your automation bot. When buying both your bot and IPs, make sure it [the bot] supports HTTP proxies because these are the proxy types sold in Facebook packages.

Are Facebook proxy packages different than regular private packages?

The answer is YES and NO. It depends on from what angle you are looking at the question:

  • YES: Proxies for Facebook are different because they are allocated especially for Facebook. And they allow you to connect securely without any issues to the social network.
  • NO: They aren’t different in their setup because most proxies sold today are HTTP proxies. So, in essence, they are all the same (technically speaking) from free public ones (which can’t guarantee your connection) to the more expensive ones like the virgin ones.

From the above, you can see that the value of a proxy IP is not its technical prowess but its IP’s history and ability to connect to a certain online platform. This is why public proxies are free. Their IPs have been abused and you won’t manage to connect to many web services. Whereas, virgin proxies are some of the most expensive IPs because of their guarantee connection to almost all web services.

So, before buying any package, do your homework and check if they will do the work for you.

Authentication method – IP-based or User:Pass

In comparison to other packages, Facebook proxies authentication method doesn’t really matter. However, you should take it into consideration and check if your marketing tool supports one or both authentication types.

If it supports both, then you shouldn’t worry if the provider you choose has only IP-based authentication.

By the way, all providers allow IP-based authentication, but only a few offer username and password authentication.

Thus, check your automation tool. If it supports IP-based login, then you shouldn’t worry about this feature anymore.  

3 Stats on social media marketing on Facebook

According to SproutSocial 83% of Women and 75% of Men use Facebook on a daily basis. Making it a great marketing channel on which you can develop multiple accounts and create a large community to which you can promote and sell your services.

Also, with 82% of its US users attending college, Facebook is a great social network, where you can find high-income earners. And with a clear and targeted strategy, you can turn these users into paying customers.

According to WordStream, Facebook is the top app that mobile users visit more than once a day. This is great news for marketers because their messages and promotions aren’t limited to one-time visitors.

Marketing opportunity

Creating marketing campaigns on Facebook can be a lucrative business for marketers and businesses alike. And by automating multiple accounts connected through various IPs, you can scale your operation and reach a broad audience with minimum costs.

Are the servers locations important?

Yes and No, again, it depends on how you are looking at this point.

Yes, the location is important as long as the servers and IPs you buy are located in the United States or Canada, because here are the most valuable Facebook customers.

No, the location is not important if you consider buying California or Chicago IPs. In this case, the location is not important because marketing campaigns on social media do not rely on local advertising, as in the case of classified ads marketing.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about proxies for Facebook

  • Where can I find Facebook proxies that work?

You can find working IPs at the above-mentioned providers, they sell proxies through which you can connect safely and securely to the largest social network.

  • What’s the difference between proxy sites and servers?

Proxy sites are used to bypass firewalls so you can connect to Facebook safely without any issues. However, they do not work for automation and marketing. When you connect through a proxy site, you risk having your data sniffed, if the site owner has malicious intent.

  • How would Facebook know if you are using a proxy?

They can’t, especially when you use high anonymity proxies because they will hide your IP and advertise the server’s IP as being your own. And if your browser doesn’t have any WebRTC leaks, websites to which you connect through proxies can’t find your real location.

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