Buy Here Cheap Private Proxies In 2020 [UPDATE]

Few providers offer cheap private proxies. The main reason is the cost incurred by providers in renting and maintaining their servers. But, we looked online and found the few providers offering cheap private proxies.

Cheap proxies can be found anywhere. In fact, most providers offer some sort of cheap shared proxies. But, buying shared proxies might not be the best solution for your needs. Therefore, the alternative is to look for the truly cheap private proxies. Which, as you will see, are offered by only a few providers.


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As mentioned, a few providers offer cheap private proxies. We advise considering these providers only if the proxies’ price is the only buying criteria.

The only criteria for which we choose the bellow providers is the price they charge for a private proxy package of 20 to 25 IPs.

One of the reasons for which they can sell such cheap proxies is their servers’ locations, which are spread around California, Texas and Georgia. Moreover, they do not recommend using their proxies for social media because they can’t guarantee continuous and secure connectivity.


The first direct benefit of using cheap proxies is your bottom line. The above three providers offer proxies at half the price than those offered by other providers.

Other cheap private proxy providers

Therefore, you should consider buying and using cheap private proxies for large-scale operations for which you do not have to log in any account. For example, you can use cheap proxies for web scraping and SEO proxies, regardless of the tool or domain on which you want to use these proxies.


One of the things you should consider when buying cheap private proxies is never to use them to connect accounts. Therefore, never buy cheap proxies to manage social media accounts. Another place where you should never consider using cheap proxies is sneaker websites or classified ads websites.

Why’s that? Usually, cheaper proxy packages are composed of already-used private proxies. And there’s a high chance that they were used either for social media management or sneaker coping. That’s why, if you want IPs for a restrictive platform, you should get dedicated ones for it. Such as Instagram proxies or sneaker proxies. Other than that, when it comes to cheaper proxy packages, you should consider buying them only for projects developed on lesser-known platforms and websites.


Buy cheap private proxies if you plan to develop a large-scale operation where you will use the proxies to scrape or perform automated tasks for which you do not need to authenticate accounts or where you do not have to access large online platforms.

Before buying a proxy package, we recommend contacting the supplier and inquiring if they allow their proxies to fulfill your project’s requirements. Furthermore, ask them about any connectivity issue or if their proxies are restricted on any platform.


When looking to buy proxies online, you can consider getting the cheapest service available.

But, there is an issue with going for the cheapest service available on the market. You never know how good their IPs are (better said how clean their history is) or if they are flagged on the platform where you plan on using them.

That’s why, when buying cheap proxy packages, do the following two things before actually pressing the buy button:

  1. Contact the provider and let them know how and where you plan on using their IPs.
  2. Do not use your proxies on popular web platforms (Amazon, Instagram)

Let me explain these two points.

First, you need to contact the provider and inform their team because, once they know how you plan on using your IPs, they will look into their inventory to provide working proxies for you. Because once they know your usage requirements, they will want your business. And the only way to attract you as a customer is by allocating working proxies.

Second, after you buy cheap proxy IPs, you can’t expect their already-used IPs to work on search engines or social media platforms. You need to be reasonable and understand that in the proxy world, what you pay is what you get.

Usually, cheaper packages are cheaper prices for a reason: their IPs have been used previously and in some cases, they have been abused on popular web platforms.

This is why you should get IPs at lower prices only when you need to use them on smaller websites, where the chances of these IPs being used previously, is very low.

These are the things worth considering before actually committing your budget to any provider.

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    • Dear Max,

      It all depends on what you are trying to do and where you are going to use your proxies.

      If you want to scrape the web, yes you can use public proxies as well, but you have to expect that some of them won’t work as they might be already flagged.

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