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Do you need to buy Instagram proxies? Here’s the place where you can find working ones because many providers advertise as selling private proxies for Instagram automation, but actually few of them have working proxies. For the sake of your social media accounts, do not buy the cheapest proxies because to post on social media, you need clean IPs.

Where to buy Instagram proxies?

We tested several providers and chosen only those with working proxies for Instagram. At the moment, these providers offer dedicated or virgin IPs that you can use with certainty to connect your accounts to Instagram.

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Who uses proxy Instagram IPs for social media?

Everybody can use a proxy for Instagram to automate one or more accounts. For example, a solo-entrepreneur can use them to automate his account and outsource its management to social media managers from abroad. In this case, using a proxy for Instagram is necessary to avoid account lock and phone verifications.

At the same time, the solo entrepreneur can also use his proxy for Instagram bot and automate his account’s outreach and actions.

On the other hand, a social media agency can use them to isolate and manage their clients’ accounts without facing the above-mentioned risks of blocks or phone verifications.

So, there isn’t a right user or way to use these proxies. Thus, it’s important that you understand your needs and then look into them to see if they will bring you an advantage. That’s when you should buy them. But, if you consider that using proxies is not necessary for your social media marketing, then, do not stress over buying them.

Buy best Instagram proxies from these providers

Here they are, the providers where you can find dedicated packages for social media marketing on Instagram.

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There are two reasons for which you should consider marketing and promote on Instagram. First, there are 800 monthly active users on Instagram and this figure continues to grow. Second, 59% of its users from the United States are under the age of 30. These are two compelling reasons for which you should consider promoting on Instagram.

And with 25 million Instagram business accounts, you need to find a way to stand out and make your marketing message heard. You can do this by buying Instagram proxies and scaling your marketing operation.

3 key features of proxies for IG

Instagram, like any other social media platform, is very restrictive when it suspects abusive behavior from one of its accounts.

Here are 3 features that you need to consider anytime you want to use a proxy of Instagram:

  1. Virgin proxies – It is always recommended to use Virgin proxies with Instagram (this means that nobody used these IPs before you).
  2. Work with any Instagram bot – Contrary to a popular (and wrong) opinion that you need Jarvee or Instadub proxies for your marketing, you actually need only simple Instagram proxies. These are HTTP/S ones and they connect you to the social network through an HTTP/S connection, in the same way as using a regular home connection. And most automation tools support HTTP/S proxies, thus, you don’t need special ones for Jarvee or other automation tools.
  3. 1-to-1 Account-to-IP ratio – This is the golden ratio! You should never use more than one account per IP because you risk blocking your accounts and banning your IP on Instagram.

Keep in mind that, the above three features and your accounts and proxies will have a long-lasting life on Instagram.

Furthermore, you should always consider that when you need to connect an account through a proxy’s IP, you have to consider the IP’s history with that web platform.

For example, an already-used shared and flagged proxy on Instagram will not be able to connect you successfully to the social network. Moreover, it could trigger account verification, and in the worst case scenario, Instagram might ban and delete your account.

Is it a proxy for Instagram different than a normal IG proxy?

I have to emphasize this again! All social media proxies are HTTP/S ones and because Instagram is a web-based platform, all bots created for it use only HTTP/S proxies.

So, don’t fall into the trap of paying more for one proxy because it “supports” one social media automation tool or another. Not the “bot-branded” proxy package it’s important, but the IP’s history and if it can connect safely to IG servers.

However, there is one thing that you should consider before you buy your proxies for Instagram.

Authentication method

Any private proxy server in the world supports one or both of these authentication methods:

  1. Username:Password login
  2. IP-based authentication

Thus, before buying your Instagram bot and your proxies, make sure that both of them support and accept the same authentication method.

For example, High Proxies accepts only IP based authentication, whereas you can connect to IP Lease’s proxies through both methods.

Also, some bots allow both types of proxy authentication. Here’s Jarvee’s proxy manager, as you can see it supports the HTTP/S (and if you leave the Proxy Username and Proxy Pass blank it will accept also IP-based authentication).

jarvee instagram proxy

3 Stats on social media marketing on IG

Here are some interesting social media marketing statistics related to Instagram. Consider them and their importance.

instagram proxies statistics

As you can see, you need to make your accounts stand out and become more visible than your competition in order to gain an edge on Instagram.

How to use Instagram proxies

You can use your proxies manually by accessing your social media accounts through your browser. It’s a less risky, but more time intensive method.

The best way of using your proxies is through an automation tool that supports multiple accounts managed from the same device and allow you to tunnel each account through a different IP.

NOTE: As mentioned above, try to keep the account-to-proxy ratio to 1. Never use more than one account per IP. Otherwise, you risk having one account flagged as spam and the other accounts, using the same IP, banned for the simple reason that they used the IP address to connect to Instagram.

Does the server location matter?

Not really, as long as you use Instagram proxies with servers located in the same country with your target audience, you shouldn’t really care about the servers’ location. However, it is always recommended that you buy proxies from the US.

Is an Instagram proxy server different than other servers setup?

No! There isn’t anything fancy or extraordinary about an Instagram proxy server. There isn’t any special server setup or custom configuration.

Beware of any provider telling you this.

A proxy server for Instagram unique ability or feature is its IP address’s history with the social network. Only IP addresses with a clean history will connect your accounts without any issues. And these proxies got their name in order to differentiate themselves on the market with their ability to connect to the social network without any issues.

Marketing opportunity

According to HootSuite, people started spending more time and more money on Instagram. You should take this into consideration when and how many proxies for Instagram to buy.


Here are a few questions from marketers. If you have questions, feel free to leave them in a comment.

  1. Where can I find Instagram proxies for free?

You can use any HTTP proxy, even public ones. However, most of these public servers have their IPs blocked or banned. So, in theory, you could use any free proxy, but you risk having your account blocked and banned. And in the long run, this could result in loss of opportunity costs.

  1. Do I need residential proxies for Instagram?

No, you don’t need residential proxies to connect to Instagram. Moreover, most residential proxies are also rotational proxies which aren’t suited for automated accounts. It is best that, for any account, you log through proxies, it is always best to use dedicated IPs rather than residential or rotational ones.
It doesn’t matter if you buy datacenter or residential IPs for your social media management. It’s more important to look for the best proxies for Instagram at the best available price to you. And in the present, datacenter proxies are cheaper than residential ones. So, as long as they have clean IPs, you are better off with buying datacenter ones.

  1. Is it risky to use Instagram proxy list?

Depends where you get your proxy list from and the history of its IPs on Instagram. Preferably always buy Instagram proxy packages. This way, the provider guarantees to offer you working proxies that connect to the social network.

  1. Where can I find Instagram proxies for free?

As mentioned above, any IP address with a clean history has the ability to connect to Instagram. In theory, you can use on Instagram proxy fee available on lists published online. But the issue is their ongoing history. You might connect once, but as these proxies are free, you never know who else uses them and when they will be blocked by Instagram. This is why, for the safety of your accounts, it is best to avoid free Instagram proxy IPs. And instead, look for dedicated ones.

  1. How to create an Instagram proxy?

Let me answer this question with another question: Do you really need to make an Instagram proxy? The simple answer is no. And as mentioned above, a proxy for Instagram is nothing more, nothing less than a proxy never used on Instagram. So, if you can get a few dedicated proxies with IPs never used on Instagram, then you can consider them Instagram proxies.
On the other hand, if you can create proxies that are cheaper than commercially available ones, then it’s viable to make them. There are no special requirements on how to create proxies for IG. And there are plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to create your own proxy server.

  1. What’s my Instagram proxy IP?

The IP your account’s connection advertises to Instagram is the one used by your bot or browser. If you set your social media bot to connect to Instagram via a proxy, then that’s the IP Instagram sees on their end. If you need to check your account’s IP, Jarvee has a feature that opens a browser to display the IP through which your account connects to IG. And if you use your browser to access Instagram, you can use a website like WHOER to display the IP address used.

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