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$1/proxy Visit Site
$1/proxy Visit Site

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8.5 Total Score
Simple and straightforward service with working IPs

  • Focus on providing dedicated proxies
  • Ticketmaster and shoe (sneakers) proxies
  • Monthly IP refresh (upon request)
  • Hundreds of server locations advertised but not disclosed
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BuyProxies Review Highlights

BuyProxies has a focus on providing dedicated proxy packages for Ticketmaster and Shoe (sneaker) selling websites.


Buy Proxies Specs

Proxy Types
IP Refresh
Monthly IP refresh (upon request)
Username:Pass Login
IP Authentication
Dedicated Proxies Packages
Social Media Proxies
Classified Ads Proxies
SEO Proxies
Sneaker Proxies
Gaming Proxies
Pricing Model
Per IP
Per GB Used (Bandwidth)
Billing Cycles
Daily / Weekly Plans
Monthly Plans
1/2 Year Or Yearly Plans
Payment Methods Allowed
Credit/Debit Card
Money-Back Guarantee
24 Hours Money-Back
Live Chat

Our Main Take

Just like Mexela, BuyProxies’s limited offer of proxies helped them carve their own niche within the private proxy sector. And you should consider BuyProxies if you want to buy Ticketmaster or Shoe Proxies.

Top Benefits

  • HTTP/HTTPS Proxies
  • Undisclosed Server Locations“we do not sell by location, but if we have to, we can provide a certain country or city. For example, we have UK, France, Germany, Netherlands proxies, L.A, N.Y, N.J, etc.”
  • 24 Hours Money Back Guarantee
  • BuyProxies proxies best for Ticketmaster and Sneakers websites

Buy This Recommended Package – 50 Dedicated Proxies for Shoe Sites

Monthly Price $150
Number of Proxies 50
Proxy Format HTTPS
Proxy Type Private Proxies
Proxy Randomization Monthly
Price Per Proxy $3

Market Talk – What Customers Say About BuyProxies

Some users have reported that proxies might not work for search engine scraping. At the same time, others reported using BuyProxies services for long periods of time. Given the divergent views, the only remark here is that you should consider them only for the services they are good at and only for their dedicated proxy packages – which are guaranteed to work for most projects.

BuyProxies Customer Support and User Experience

BuyProxies offers customer support only through support tickets, no chat or Skype support, however, they have a 24/7 support desk and tickets are answered within minutes. website is easy to use. From their homepage, you can easily navigate to your areas of interest, such as the proxy selling page and the client area.


BuyProxies Review – In conclusion

You should consider choosing as your provider only if you need dedicated working IPs for Ticketmaster or sneakers selling websites. Their dedicated Ticketmaster and Shoe Proxies packages are a good fit. And as mentioned above, users reported having BuyProxies as their provider for long period of times – so they must be doing something right.

Proxy Servers Locations

US Locations:
  • They offer random US locations
  • No specific locations
  • Number of locations is not disclosed

International Locations:
  • No international locations disclosed

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