Virgin Proxies

Some proxy provider offer virgin dedicated proxies for a platform or another.

For safety and guaranteed success on any on-line platform, there are providers who offer virgin proxies.

Virgin proxies are fresh dedicated proxies, never used before.

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What are virgin proxies?

Virgin proxies are private proxies with clean IPs that have never been users before.

Some providers will allocate these IPs for the first time to you, so you can benefit from a few features, such as clean IP that allows you to connect to any website available today.

NOTE: Virgin proxies might not have a clean IP on all websites because sometimes, providers allocated these IPs for certain purposes, but never used it an online platform like the one on which you want to use them.

Why you should use virgin proxies instead of other cheaper packages?

The main reason for which you should use clean, virgin IPs over cheaper and already-used IPs is that virgin ones have a clean history and you don’t risk having your proxies or accounts blocked due to an abused IP.

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Moreover, it is recommended to use clean (virgin) IPs only on websites where you need to connect online accounts. Because on these websites you tie your account’s history to the proxy’s IP.

On the other hand, if you don’t need to login an account to access a particular website, but you still need to buy proxies, then you can consider regular private proxies.

On what platform can you use these IPs?

You can use your IPs on any online platform where you have to log in an account. For example, you can use proxies with virgin IPs on social media or on e-commerce websites.

Another way of using clean IPs is to connect to online banking accounts. Basically, you use your proxy as a fixed IP from which you connect to your online banking account. In this way, if you travel a lot, you won’t risk having your account blocked because you access it from another country.

3 Key features of virgin private proxies

  1. Clean IPs – Virgin proxies are usually allocated for the first time ever, or for the first time for the online platform on which you want to use them. Therefore, their IPs enable you to connect to your online accounts without any issues or potential IP blocks.
  2. Monthly randomization – All packages have monthly randomization, so you can ask your provider to issue new clean IPs when you get one of your IPs banned or blocked.
  3. Multiple subnets – If you buy 10 virgin proxies, you will receive 10 different IP address from different subnets. This mix is a great feature because if you use your proxies to connect multiple accounts to the same online platform, nobody will be able to draw a connection between your accounts.

Dedicated proxies vs virgin ones

Now, you might raise the question of why use virgin proxies when I have Instagram proxies? Actually, some dedicated proxy packages like social media, sneaker or ticketing proxies have virgin IPs.

These packages of virgin IPs are branded with the platform on which they will be used because they are more popular. And at the same time, the provider knows that he is delivering working IPs.

Whereas virgin proxy packages are sold for more general use, for lesser-known platforms.

So, you should consider using dedicated (branded) proxy packages because they have virgin IPs as well. And consider virgin proxy packages only when you can’t find a package dedicated to your online platform.

For example, you can find virgin Facebook proxies, but you won’t find VKontanke proxies. So if you want to use multiple IPs on the later platform, you need to buy virgin proxy packages.

Are these still clean IPs today?

Yes, there are clean IPs, but there aren’t any unused IPs anymore. Let me explain this.

When you buy a dedicated package with clean IPs, the package guarantees your ability to connect to that online platform without any issues.

However, while a proxy might be virgin for a certain time of online platform, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t used before on other platforms. For example, an Instagram proxy might have been used on sneaker selling websites prior to its social media allocation. And while the IP was used on sneaker selling websites, it is clean on social media.

Can residential/rotating proxies have virgin IPs?

No, because residential IPs are “rented” from their de-facto users. Let me explain this with an example:

Hola VPN is a free VPN that anybody can download and use. However, once you use it, the Hola VPN software will use your IP address as a residential proxy and will forward requests from another server. This server is Luminati residential.

residential proxy created

As you can see rotating proxies are actually IPs rented from other people.

But, to answer the question again, you can consider that if the website you want to access is small and has little traffic, residential proxies might be virgin, because nobody ever accessed it.

How do I know the proxies I bought are virgin?

YOU CAN’T. Actually, nobody knows if a proxy is virgin or not because there is no way of testing this.

So you have to believe your provider when he says he provides clean, fresh IPs. This is why, if you want to buy virgin proxies, you need to reach established players in the field. Working with them, you have the certainty they will provide high-quality services. But you still have to believe them when they say they offer virgin IP.

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