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Best Cheap Residential & US 4G Mobile Proxies

Cheap Residential & US 4G Mobile Proxies

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Residential & 4G Proxies With 1-day Access From $2.95

Best Cheap 4G Mobile Proxies

  • 1-day access plans
  • No money-back guarantee
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HydraProxy Review Highlights

Started in 2020, HydraProxy is a newcomer in the residential and mobile proxies arena.

HydraProxy offers three great features for all its services:

  1. One day minimum billing cycle
  2. Pay-as-you-go starting at $2.95
  3. No monthly commitment

So, if you need to use proxies for only 12-24 hours each week, you can buy your access for one day only, every single week, without paying a monthly subscription and having your proxies sit idle for the other six days.

This is an excellent feature if your project needs proxies for only a limited period.

They offer rotating mobile and residential proxies with more than 8 million active IP addresses with IPs refreshing every 30 minutes.

HydraProxy offers access to IPs from all US states.



HydraProxy Specs

Our main take

As a provider, HydraProxy is a good choice for anybody looking to start experimenting with residential and 4G/mobile proxies without a big commitment.

You get access to their residential (wifi) proxies for as little as $2.35 per day. Pay this little, and you can use their proxies.

NOTE: All their packages allow only one whitelist (access) IP, please check with them before purchasing to make sure it’s enough for you.

Top Benefits

  • Pay-as-you-go and one-day pricing
  • More than 8 million residential and mobile IPs pool
  • 24-Hours Money Back Guarantee
  • HydraProxy proxies best used for early-stage projects

Buy This Recommended Plan – Residential – Noob Plan

One Day Access $2.35
Bandwidth Unlimited
Ports 1
Whitelist IPs 1 IP/PORT
IP Rotation Sticky 30min
Proxy Format HTTPS/SOCKS


Because you have the option to choose plans for as little as one day access for $2.35, we recommended starting with a one day residential or one-day mobile proxy package. Once you have tested their proxies, you can increase your commitment and choose larger packages.

Market Talk – What Customers Say About HydraProxy

There isn’t a lot of talk about HydraProxy because they are still new on the market.

But, this shouldn’t be an issue, especially with their entry-level prices because you can buy residential or mobile proxies for one day. You test them. And if they work for your project, you can continue with them. If not, there are no strings attached.

Among the ISPs of their IPs, we found:

  • Spectrum
  • AT&T
  • Cox Communications

HydraProxy Customer Support and User Experience

They have a great customer support team and excellent service. They offer customer service through chat, and all issues tend to be solved on the spot, avoiding any friction.

Regarding their website, the customer dashboard is easy to use and intuitive.

HydraProxy Review – In conclusion

As I mentioned above, HydraProxy proxies, with their starting packages, are a good choice when looking to start using residential or 4G/mobile proxies for your project.

HydraProxy offers a money-back guarantee. So, you can take advantage of this feature to see if they are a good fit for your project.

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