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Do you need to buy sneaker proxies? Here are the best providers selling proxies for sneaker websites.

I am sure that you already used IPs from other providers. Only to find your sneaker bot blocked in the middle of a coping session. Usually, this happens when you use simple, normal private proxy packages, blocked IPs or shared subnets.

Buy sneaker proxies from these providers

These are the only providers worth considering when you need to buy dedicated IPs to use with your coping bot.

Where can I get cheap sneaker proxy IPs

Most proxies for sneakers aren’t cheap. In fact, they are some of the most expensive services offered by providers. It’s no wonder many will look to buy cheap sneaker proxies for their projects.

In fact, the lower the prices you find, the more IPs you can buy to diversify your copping’s IP profile. And at the same time minimize the risk of getting blocked during a release.

So, look no further! Here we have created a list of the best discounts to buy cheap proxies for sneakers (scroll below to find the complete list of sneaker proxy providers).

Based on our extensive research and testing, we selected only a few proxy providers. You can buy from them proxies for your sneaker bot. Also, before buying, you need to consider the key features of these proxy packages, such as package size, pricing or sneaker websites ban policy. However, don’t buy any package you find cheaper or more appealing because you won’t get tangible results. This is why from these providers you need to buy sneaker proxies to have the certainty that they will work.

Complete list of sneaker proxy providers

Best value
Storm Proxies


Residential Proxies
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Best price
IP Lease

IP Lease

*This website contains affiliate links. If you click on these and make a purchase, we will receive a small percentage of the sale. IPLease Review Highlights IPLease is a proxy provider with a focus ...
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Buy Proxies

Buy Proxies

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Social Proxies
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It’s all about the (proxy) package size

One of the most challenging questions you can ask: How many IPs should you get?

Will a 10 IPs package be enough, or do you need to get a 250-IPs sneakers proxy package?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer. But there is one rule that you should keep in the back of your head: shoe-selling websites ban IPs by the range. That means that when they detect abusive behavior from one IP, they will back the whole subnet (range) of that IP.

In other words, if some of your sneakers proxy IPs are from the same range as another user’s IPs and the later abuses one of his, then you should expect all your IPs from the same subnet to be blocked as well.

That’s why using proxies for sneakers is a trade-off. You either get a cheaper package with a few IPs (10, 50 proxies) or a whole subnet package (250 IPs).

It all boils down to your risk tolerance and budget.

3 Key features of best sneaker proxies

Setup-wise, most proxies are almost identical, you get an IP address, its PORT number and the authentication details.

But, not all private proxies are created equal, this is why you already saw a few particularities that distinguish sneaker proxies from other packages. I like to think of them as features because of them you can get working proxies from coping limited-edition pair of shoes.

Here are three features:

  1. Large package size – most packages contain 50, 100 or 250 IPs, usually from the same subnet (IP range).
  2. Virgin IPs – nobody used these proxies’ IP to cop on sneaker websites.
  3. Sneaker websites restrictive banning policy – upon detecting abusive behavior from one IP, they will ban a whole subnet (IP range).

The restrictive banning policy of shoe-selling websites is placed third, but this is the main reason making sneaker proxies some of the most expensive proxy packages. This is why, to avoid any potential ban due to clumsy use, proxy providers started selling packages with 50, 100 or 250 IPs.

You can consider this an insurance. You buy your proxy package (preferably a 250 IPs one) to make sure that nobody else uses IPs from the same subnet to cop online. Thus, nobody else can ban your IPs and block your bots in the middle of a release.

How to use your proxies

There is no point in using your proxies to cop manually during a release because you won’t have any success with them. The most effective way of using your proxies is with a sneaker bot.

Online you will find several sneaker bots, some of the most notable ones are AIO Bot and Another Nike Bot.

aiobot sneaker bot

At the same time, Forbes concluded that shoe coping through bots became a $1 Billion market.

To understand the magnitude of sneaker coping, you need to check only the subReddit dedicated to sneakers, which is home to 455k subscribers. That’s something!

With this in mind, I think you can see now that you need to buy sneaker proxies that work in order to stand a chance and reach the buying cart during high-peak releases.


If you have any other questions related to sneaker proxies, leave a comment!

In the meantime, here are a few questions asked by other users looking to buy proxies.

Q: Can I use residential sneaker proxies to cop online?

A: Most residential proxies are sold in rotational packages, this means that the IP address your bot displays to sneaker selling websites will change. Sometimes in the middle of a release, resulting in a lag or a temporary block. The best solution is to use a dedicated IP address so you don’t risk having your IP changed in the middle of the coping session. 

UPDATE: While it is still recommended to use dedicated static proxies, recently residential proxies proved to work consistently and without issues on shoe-selling websites. Here’s a list of recommended residential proxies.

Q: Will I get fast sneaker proxies?

A: Yes, they are fast. All sneaker proxy packages are dedicated ones. This means that you are the only user of that IP address (or subnet). And there is nobody else to mess with your bandwidth.

Q: Can I get free sneaker proxies?

A: No. Well, you can use any proxies you like, public or private, to cop sneakers online. However, this doesn’t guarantee the IP’s ability to connect or cop efficiently. This is why, by buying proxies for sneakers, you are guaranteed connectivity without issues so you can deploy your bot successfully.

Q: Can I buy Adidas proxies?

A: Yes, but with a twist. You still need to buy sneaker proxies, but first, check the provider’s FAQ section to see if they have working IPs for Adidas.

Simply put, there isn’t such a thing as Adidas proxies or Nike proxies. The only thing that you should check is if the proxy package you want to buy can be used for copping on Adidas or Nike or another shoe-selling website. As a reminder, all these proxies, regardless of their name/branding are HTTP/S ones, function in the same way. The only difference is their ability to successfully connect to shoe-selling sites.

To wrap up

The proxy providers listed above are the ones you should consider buying from. They offer dedicated virgin proxies for sneakers. And while they don’t guarantee your success in coping limited edition items, they ensure your success if connecting securely to shoe selling websites.

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