What Followliker proxies should you buy?

With the latest crackdown on social media automation tools, many marketers transition from MassPlanner and Instagress to the best alternative available today, Followliker. Many users are at the beginning of their marketing journeys and on forums, they started asking about Followliker proxies and where to get them.


The shortest answer we can give is that Followliker proxies do not exist. And if they do, they are certainly a scam. However, this automation tool does provide settings to divert your accounts’ connection through a proxy. So to better understand the Followliker proxy question, we have created this short article.

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While marketers can set their proxies in the social media automation tool, buying dedicated proxies for it is not necessary. Followliker, as a desktop app, doesn’t require proxies because it is installed locally, on the user’s PC or VPS. However, depending on his settings and social media operation scale, some users will need proxies.

Users should look to buy Followliker proxies because this is the wrong approach. The better search query that user can perform is to look for private proxies for the destination platform. Meaning, to look for proxies for the social media platform on which their accounts will connect.


Now, if you are looking to buy proxies and set your Followliker accounts through them, then you should look for social media proxies. So, never look for proxies for the social media tool. Instead, you should look for Pinterest proxies, Instagram proxies or Twitter proxies.

The above mentioned special use proxies are usually dedicated virgin proxies for the underlying platform. Thus, you are the first user connecting this proxy’s IP to social media. Therefore, IP, connection related, you do not face any risks.

Moreover, if you are at the beginning of your social media marketing journey, you should consider always using the above mentioned social media proxies. But, you can skip using proxies for Followliker only under certain conditions.


You should not buy social media proxies for Followliker if your setup has the following two characteristics.

First, you manage less than five accounts. Most social media platform allow up to five accounts to be active and connect from the same IP. Therefore, if you have less than five accounts, you don’t have to buy social media proxies.

Second, you MUST install Followliker on your PC, private server and use your own IP. Do not use Followliker without proxies if you installed it on a VPS because you do not have control over the VPS connection. Nor you know their IP history.

Therefore, you can consider saving and not buying social media proxies for Followliker when you manage less than five accounts. And when you have installed it [Followliker] on your own PC, Server and you control the IP connection.


Another question that could baffle you is how many accounts to connect through a proxy when using Followliker.

As mentioned above, social media platforms allow up to five accounts to safely connect through an IP. However, for automated social media accounts, the rule of thumb is to use a ratio of 1 to 1. Meaning that you should connect each account set in Followliker through a different proxy.

The main reason for this ratio is to keep your accounts safe and secure in the eventuality that one of your accounts will be blocked by the social media platform.


To make matters clear, we have set the conclusion of this article as a bullet point list.

  • Followliker proxies do not exist!
  • Use proxies if you use a VPS and connect more than five accounts
  • Buy proxies for the social media platform where your accounts will connect
  • Use an account to proxy ratio of 1 to 1.

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