Buy Instagram proxies (a complete) guide

So you want to buy Instagram proxies that won’t instantly ban your accounts? And at the same time, you want them to be cheaper than what’s available on forums? Here are some of the best working proxies that you can use to automate your Instagram proxies. Before continuing, you should know that as I said on Medium, you can’t expect to get rich quick. You need to consider a few things before starting your Instagram journey.

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But first, before we start, let’s consider why you should automate your account (or accounts) on one of the most used social networks today.

5 Instagram statistics that you should consider

There’s no doubt, Insta is loved by its users. In fact, at the time of writing this article, IG crossed the 1 Billion users mark. That says something about the potential of this network.

Here are some numbers that make Gram one of the best social network for brand-building and promoting your products and services.

instagram proxies statistics

Furthermore, according to SproutSocial, we have two more statistics:

  • 7 out of 10 Hashtags on Instagram Are Branded
  • 71% of US Businesses Use Instagram

That means that Instagram is one of the best platforms that you can use to get in front of new customers or engage with existing ones.

However, with great opportunity comes great competition. And how are you going to make your business stand out on a platform that many other businesses use for promoting their business? You can pay for promoting your product. That’s one idea.

Or you can develop multiple accounts to reach a larger follower base to which you can engage organically through your different accounts. I think this sounds more appealing!

Here’s where Instagram proxies come into play. And this is the topic of today’s discussion.

What is covered in this article:

I hope this covers everything there is to know about private proxies for Instagram. If you have any question or suggestion, leave it in a comment.

What are Instagram proxies

If you look at the services offered by any decent proxy provider you will notice that they are selling several types of private proxies. They don’t sell only shared and dedicated proxies, but also proxies for Instagram, Twitter, Sneakers websites, Craigslist or Gaming. Just check our homepage and you will see how many proxy types are on sale today.

This market segmentation is the result of websites being restrictive and banning both accounts and IPs. For example, when somebody has an abusive behavior on Instagram, the social network will block both the user’s account and the IP is used to connect to it.

So, in the future, this user won’t be able to use the same Internet connection (and IP) to connect to Instagram.

Over time, this leads to some IPs being flagged and blocked. And today, for the safety of your accounts you need to use Instagram proxies.

The main reason for using these proxies is that they are guaranteed to work and connect you to the social network. They are called Instagram proxies for a reason! Both the provider and you want this IP to work and connect you safely to Instagram.

Technical details aren’t important!

Some might ask about technical details about their IPs or the proxy server. But I must say that this doesn’t matter much because if a provider is selling them, there are high chances that you will be able to use these proxies.

However, if you are interested in the technical aspects, all you need to know is that almost all proxies for IG are HTTP/S proxies. This means that you can use them to connect to Insta via a browser or a bot that supports HTTP connections.

There are some lesser-known bots that support only SOCKS proxies, however, you shouldn’t worry about it, because you will probably need and buy HTTP proxies for your social media bot.

How proxies for Instagram are different than other proxies

The main difference that you should consider when buying proxies for your Instagram bot is if these proxies have clean IPs and if they are virgin.

Virgin Instagram proxies mean that they were never used before on Instagram. Thus, when you connect your accounts for the first time, you are sure that the social network won’t block your account and you will be able to develop your account without any restrictions.

This is one of the most important things that you should consider when buying your IPs. This is why you should never get cheap shared proxies or other types of private proxies. Because you risk blocking your accounts on the social network. And subsequently your proxies.

Don’t get the cheapest proxies because you risk spending more in the long run. And if I can summarize how proxies for Instagram are different in one single sentence, I can say: They guarantee your connectivity.

Take this into account next time when you need to buy your proxies.

3 Features of best Instagram proxies

Regardless of what provider you choose for buying your proxies from, always look for these 3 features:

  • Dedicated Instagram package

Make sure that you don’t get regular proxies. Check with the provider and when buying, make sure they have working proxy packages for Instagram. Most providers selling them actually have packages with the social network name on them. So you make sure you’ll get working proxies.

  • Virgin Instagram proxies

The second thing you need to make sure is if the proxies you need to buy are virgin ones. As mentioned above, this means that they were never used on Instagram before. Thus, you are guaranteed your connectivity without risks to the social network. And any other regular package won’t connect you safely. Actually, if you buy proxies without letting your provider know what you need them for, you might get already-flagged ones. So, double-check before buying!

  • HTTP Proxies

I know, I mentioned this above. But I have to mention it here as well for one single reason: Avoid getting proxies that won’t work with your automation bot! Make sure your automation bot and your Instagram proxies use the same protocol – HTTP. This is part of your due diligence. And even if most proxy providers offer HTTP proxies, make sure your bot supports them.

UPDATE: Should you consider using residential proxies for Instagram?

Previously (the grayed text area below), I mentioned that using residential proxies for Instagram account management is not a good idea.

That’s why I created this updated version.

Today, thanks to various features implemented by residential and mobile/4G proxy providers, you can safely use these rotating IPs to manage all your Instagram accounts.

Here’s how it works.

When you buy into a residential or mobile proxy network, you gain access to their whole proxy network. This means that your requests will rotate throughs IPs from LA to Miami. Basically, your requests will be all over the place.


Thanks to smart proxy filtering and proxy manager tools, all residential proxy providers offer now the ability to filter their IP pool. And limit your requests to use only IPs eligible by the rules you make. Thus, you can create rules so that your residential proxies will rotate and use IPs only from a particular city (let’s say Chicago). In this way, your accounts’ IP rotation will look much more natural and similar to how a mobile device uses local IPs.

(PS: you can skip the gray area and continue reading below it.)

Why rotational/residential proxies for Instagram aren’t a good idea

Some users, or better said, many (Quora) users think that using rotational or residential proxies for Instagram will help their accounts and keep them away from a possible ban. At the same time, they think that static, data-center IPs are flagged as spam and will not be allowed on Instagram.

One of the largest residential proxy schemes is that of Hola and Luminati. Basically, Hola users, without knowing, rent their bandwidth to the VPN network and then this bandwidth is sold as residential proxy packages by Luminati. Anyway, this is not the topic of our discussion.

All you need to know about residential proxies is that you can’t rely on a proxy’s IP. And your connection will rotate through different proxies’ IP, making it hard to predict or to know what IP your account will use later on today or tomorrow.

With any rotating IP, accounts using residential proxies risk being blocked or flagged as spam by Instagram. This is why rotational proxies for Instagram aren’t the best idea. My recommendation is to stick with the regular, static-IP Instagram proxies.

Can I get FREE Instagram proxies?

You can! But nobody will guarantee they will be able to connect your accounts safely without triggering a Phone-Verification or ban.

As mentioned above, as long as the public proxy is HTTP, you can use it. But do it at your own risk!

The fact is that you won’t find any decent working public proxy to use for your Instagram accounts. And I can give you 3 reasons for it:

  1. You never know who connects through the public proxy  – Even if you can connect your accounts, you risk a ban due to other user’s spammy behavior on Instagram
  2. Limited uptime – Public proxies are NOT reliable  and you never know when they go offline and they will come back online
  3. Limited bandwidth – Use public proxies and your bot might NOT be able to send its commands to the social network

In theory, even public proxies can be used for automating your accounts. However, in practice, you risk having your accounts blocked.

What about proxy websites? Well, you might be able to use them in your browser, but you never know what IP they use, when they rotate it and how often. Moreover, you won’t find a social media bot automating accounts through proxy sites.

Speaking of automation and bots…

Which is the best bot?

My opinion is that there ISN’T any bot better than the other. At least not for the moment.

In essence, all bots do the same thing:

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Support proxy connections
  • Allow Following/Unfollowing
  • Commenting and Liking

In the end, it doesn’t matter what Instagram bot or social media automation tool you are using as long as it allows you to manage multiple accounts from the same PC or server.

Some of the most popular social media bots for Instagram and other networks are Jarvee, FollowLiker and GMT2.

Basically, the only differences between these bots are the pricing and user interface. And you shouldn’t really care much about the later one because as long as it supports proxies and you can connect as many accounts as you want.

What bots support proxies

Above I have listed only 3 bots on Instagram. All 3 of them are Windows-based applications that you need to use on your PC or by renting a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

And all these 3 bots support proxy connections.

However, there are other bots for IG or social media tools, but none of them support automating multiple accounts at the same time (through proxy connections).

The other bots support only one account at a time. Moreover, they are quite expensive to run as well. This is why you should go back to my recommendations above because these are some of the best (and cheapest) social media automation tools that support proxies as well.

Instagram bots that support proxies
Jarvee FollowLiker GMT2

Furthermore, you can even find tutorials on how to use your proxies with these bots. For example, Jarvee has one article on how to use its proxy manager.

jarvee instagram proxy

Are proxies for Instagram bots different?

Contrary to what many would want you to think, there aren’t any proxies created especially for one bot all another.

All Instagram proxies are created for all bots. Period. Do not stress about this factor. Instead look for working proxies for IG, because having working IPs is more important than having branded proxies (for any particular Instagram bot).

Does Jarvee proxy exist?

I get asked this a lot… “Where can I find the best Jarvee proxy?”

What if I told you that there is no such thing as Jarvee proxy, GMT2 proxy, FollowLiker proxy, MassPlanner.

Actually, there aren’t servers created especially for these automation tools.

There are only HTTP or SOCKS proxies. These are the only two major types of servers. And all proxies are either HTTP or SOCKS.

However, as mentioned in our Knowledgebase, there are Instagram or Craigslist proxies. These proxies are usually HTTP ones and their only feature is their ability to connect to the underlying platforms without any issues. That’s all! No extra setup!

So, when it comes to tools like Jarvee or GMT2, they support HTTP proxies. In other words, all you need are some HTTP proxies with a clean history on IG, such as Instagram proxies.

Do not let any provider fool you in trying to buy Jarvee proxies at premium prices, because all they sell are either regular HTTP proxies or general proxies for IG. And you will end-up buying glorified services.

Never use software for mass account creation!

This is one recurring issue that I see most Instagram marketers make the first time they try to automate several accounts. They will look for software and tools to mass create their accounts.

Unfortunately, this is not the best way of creating Instagram accounts.

What I suggest is to ignore completely this mass account creation thing and start creating your accounts manually. That’s right, manually through your browser.

As you remember, your Instagram proxies are HTTP ones so you can use them to connect to Instagram through your browser. In addition, manually creating your account has another benefit: you will connect your account through the Instagram proxy ever since its inception.

In this way, you make sure that both your account and the proxy are new and un-adultered. Thus, there shouldn’t be any reason for blocking or banning neither the account or the proxy

Use software only for account management, but buy Instagram proxy before creating your accounts. This way, an account created manually will use a single IP address. And if your accounts are set correctly and their behavior emulates human one, your Instagram IP address won’t be blocked.

This means that on long-term account automation, you won’t have to change your IP or your provider. Thus, you end up saving money in the long run.

And how many accounts per IP when creating accounts? Regardless if you buy Instagram proxy IPs for account or account management, the same rules and ratios must be applied. So, even for account creation, do not connect more than one account per IP. Always keep this 1-to-1 ratio, no matter what. Keep it to protect your accounts and to avoid blocks.

Behave your accounts when using Instagram proxies

Now, after creating your accounts manually and connecting them through virgin Instagram proxies, the only thing that could raise suspicion and enforce a ban on your accounts is their behavior.

In other words, if your accounts are set to continuously engage and interact with other users. And at the same time, they are reported as spam, you risk having them blocked.

This is why you should never set your accounts’ behavior too aggressively. It’s better to set them to behave just like any other regular users. Follow and unfollow for a few hours, post something and engage with other users for a few hours too. And then “sleep” them – set your accounts to take breaks. Don’t let them permanently engage with other Instagram users.

Here’s a short account behavior overview that you can setup from the first few days after creating your accounts

Instagram Account Settings
Active hours per day 8 – 10
Follow / Unfollow 40 – 20
Likes 20
Direct Messages 2

These setting might look passive and conservative, but you can start using them from the first day you start automating your accounts. And then increase the number of Follow/Unfollow and Likes every week.

This is a small-ball approach (similar to Daniel Negreanu’s Poker strategy) but it’s guaranteed to work in the long run.

Note: If you have brand new accounts with virgin proxies and take a conservative approach, you shouldn’t worry about having your accounts banned by Instagram. And in the long run, you could grow your accounts to thousands or tens of thousands of followers.

How many Instagram accounts per proxy can I use?

For the sake and safety of your accounts, I recommend using the “golden ratio” of ONE account per IP. In other words, for each account you have, buy a separate proxy.

The main reason for using this ratio is to protect your accounts from each other. For example, if you use one account per IP and one of your accounts is banned by Instagram. Your other accounts won’t suffer because there is no direct link between them.

On the other hand, if you use multiple accounts per IP, Instagram will identify your accounts and ban all the accounts connecting from the same IP address. So, get one IP for each account you plan on automating.

Where can I use my proxies?

Now we get back to theory. In theory, you can use your Instagram proxies anywhere you want. They are HTTP proxies so you can use them in your browser. However, I don’t suggest doing so. Here I can advise you to use your proxies only for your marketing bot. This is the best thing you could do. Besides, if you don’t use your proxies outside your Instagram bot, you won’t affect their bandwidth or the number of threads allowed per IP.

You bough proxies for IG, use them only of IG. Get other proxies for other projects.

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Addicted to anything tech-related. I write about innovation, automation, marketing and technology. But here I write mainly about private proxies.

  1. Residential work with jarvee or followliker?

  2. I hear residential proxy are bullet-proof and I won’t be block. Is that so?

    • Pierre, in the world of proxies and VPNs, there is nothing bulletproof.

      Indeed, residential proxies work better for and might not get blocked as often, but this doesn’t mean they’re perfect.

  3. Can I use proxies for follow/unfollow without risky blocking account?

    • Hi, The proxy use is not the problem when it comes to account blocks. You need to make sure you do not set your accounts’ follow settings too aggressively. You need to set your accounts to emulate other users and to not spam IG.

  4. Luminati looks good, but they use hola vpn as their proxy harvester.

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