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Ticketmaster has a notorious team focused solely on fighting web-automated purchases made through bots.

The limit of each customer purchase is set to to 8 tickets per proxy. Use ticketing proxies to purchase 8 tickets per IP.

Best ticketing proxy providers offer virgin proxies for these websites.

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Ticketing websites are very restrictive. In fact, they are some of the most restrictive websites out there. Both for regular usage and for marketing purposes. This is why, it’s important to know that if you are going to buy proxies for ticketing websites, you need to get the best ones out there. And these type of packages has are quite different than other, cheap ones.

What are proxies for Ticketmaster

Like all dedicated proxy packages, Ticketmaster proxies are virgin IPs especially allocated to be used on Ticketmaster and other similar websites like:

Private proxies are used on ticket websites for various reasons. From bypassing limited access to marketing purposes, you can use them as you like, but you need to know that for successfully accessing Ticketmaster and other websites, you need these packages and not cheaper ones.

Why use ticketing proxies instead of cheap options?

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The simplest answer I can come in other simple word: connectivity. Basically, all that these dedicated and more expensive packages do and other, cheap ones, don’t do is to guarantee your connectivity to the most restrictive websites out there.

Ticketing websites like Ticketmaster, Evenue and StubHub are some of the most restrictive websites online. And similar to sneaker websites, when ticket-selling websites detect suspicious behavior coming from one single IP address, they will ban that IP’s whole range.

This is why, when you look at the packages sold by providers, those for ticket-selling websites come with only one subnet. This means that when you buy Ticketmaster proxies, all the IPs will be from the same range.  

How can you use them

When it comes to proxies and dedicated websites, the only limit is your imagination.

You can use your ticketing IPs similar to sneaker proxies, to automate a buying bot to browse for potentially cheaper tickets that you can buy.

Another way of using them is by bypassing firewalls and IP-based restrictions. For example, most tickets-selling websites restrict access to users from certain countries. So, if you are located in one of these countries, you aren’t able to access these websites without an IP address from a whitelisted area.

Where to buy Ticketmaster proxies

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There are countless proxy providers claiming to sell working proxies for Ticketmaster and other websites, however, the above providers have proven that their IPs do work. We recommend checking and buying from them.

3 Key features of proxies for Ticketmaster

  1. Virgin IPs – Always buy virgin proxies for ticketing websites because they are very restrictive and there are chances that previously used IPs could be banned. So, when buying proxy packages for Ticketmaster, always check to get virgin ones.
  2. Large IP packages – Most providers sell large IP packages. And you should get one for a single reason. If you buy a whole subnet, nobody else will use any IP from that range, so you mitigate the risk of having your whole range blocked because somebody else used an IP from he same range to abuse ticket websites. You can look at it as an insurance and protection against IP-blocks.
  3. Number of subnets – You will probably get one IP subnet (a single IP range), this is because ticketing proxies are sold in large packages as a whole IP range. This is why you will find packages containing almost 250 IPs and all of them from the same range.

Are ticketing proxies different than other proxies?

Yes and No. Actually it depends on what you are trying to achieve with your proxies and how you plan on using them.

So, we can say that Ticketmaster proxy packages are different than other packages because they are sold as a whole IP range, both in size (250 IPs) and in subnets (a whole subnets). Whereas other, cheaper packages, even dedicated ones like proxies for Pokemon Go or Instagram have IPs allocated in various subnets.

On the other hands, these proxies are similar to other ones because, in essence, they are also HTTP/S proxies.

But the major difference is their ability to connect securely and safely to ticket-selling websites.

Authentication method

This is not an important feature. But I have to mention it here so you can check it and have a look when buying both your proxies and your ticket bot.

You have to check if the bot you are buying allows IP-based or username:password authentication.

Most providers allow IP-based authentication, so if your bot allows it, then there won’t be any setup issues.

Server location factors

This is another feature that is not important but I have to mention it here, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The location of your IPs is not relevant because providers will allocate your ticketing proxies from the US.

Moreover, when connecting to ticket-selling websites, it doesn’t matter the location as long as it’s from a whitelisted location/area.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use residential proxies for ticketing websites?

 Yes, you can use them, but there is one single issue that you need to take into consideration. Residential proxies are also called rotating proxies. And your IP will rotate every few minutes. Thus, you risk receiving and using an IP that was flagged and banned on ticket-selling websites. And as a result, your purchases will be blocked and your account could be banned. This is why you need to be careful when using rotating proxies for Ticketmaster and similar websites.

  • Are there ticket bots available?

 Yes, they are available, but this is not the subject of this discussion. You can buy them. You only need to search online for them.

  • Why Ticketmaster proxy packages don’t have  monthly randomization?

 Monthly randomization is the feature that allow you as an user to change your IP addresses every monthly. If this feature is enable, you simply need to ask your provider to issue new IPs for your proxies. But proxy packages for Ticketmaster and other ticketing websites don’t have this feature enable because of these website’s restrictiveness and package size. When you buy your proxies, you receive a whole IP range, so nobody can use them. And this gives you the power to have full-control over the faith (history and clean record) of your IPs.

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