$12.5/GB Visit Site
$100 Credit For 4G Proxies
$12.5/GB Visit Site
$100 Credit For 4G Proxies
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The creators of Residential Proxies

  • Luminati Proxy Manager - proxy manager that allows you to have a direct control over the proxy used
  • Static Residential IPs
  • Cheapest residential package starts at $500/month
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$100 credit for testing mobile (3G, 4G) Residential IPs for each BestProxyProviders client that registers as a PAID customer here.

After they signup for a Luminati service and register their details, we add $100 to their account for testing mobile IPs.

NOTE: Luminati performs a KYC (Know-Your-Customer) check on all its customers before approving their use of its proxy network. This is done for security reasons. Before signing up, make sure you know how you plan on using their proxies.

Luminati Review Highlights

Very few people are aware that Luminati is the company that initially created so-called “residential proxies”. Not only that, but they also have a proprietary and patented way of doing it.

With more than 37 Million residential proxies, 9 Million mobile proxies (which are residential proxies from mobile ISP, such as Verizon or Vodafone) and 380 thousand dedicated private proxies, Luminati offers proxies for almost any type of online project.

How does Luminati get its IPs?

This is a question that you should ask any residential proxy provider to avoid getting tricked into buying “spoofed” private proxies that seem residential.

So, how do they get their residential proxies? We must say that Luminati is very transparent in how they get their proxy inventory.


It’s all done through their Luminati SDK (software developer’s kit). This is a “plugin” that allows app developers to monetize their apps by routing Luminati traffic through their users’ devices. In other words, the SDK transforms the devices where it is installed in real proxy servers that affiliate their IPs to the Luminati network.

All this is performed when users devices are idle (not used), have more than 60% battery, are connected to power supplies and WiFi.

Luminati Proxy Manager – built-in manager

Probably Luminiati’s greatest feature for a proxy user is the managing proxy tool of Luminati’s proxy network – the LPM (Luminati Proxy Manager).

Basically, this is a proxy manager that allows you to have a more-direct control and management over the proxy used.

So, instead of sending your requests to the whole proxy network and then randomly having a proxy IP assigned to it by the residential provider’s back-end, with LPM you control how the Luminati proxy network handles your requests.

In other words is as having a direct access to their back-end. You create your own rules.

In comparison to other residential proxy providers, LPM is a great addition and even a deciding buying factor.

Our Main Take

If you need residential proxies or even mobile IPs for data mining, SEO, web scraping or other projects that require a large IP pool or residential proxies from a specific area or city, Luminati should be on your provider’s list.

Residential proxies with location enabled.

Location-enabled might sound strange, but Luminati allows their users to select their residential proxies location, up to a city level.

For example, you can opt in to use proxies only from Chicago or Los Angeles area – this is a feature that not many residential proxy providers have developed?

Market Talk – What Customers Say About Luminati

Luminati is regarded as a developer-oriented solution. Their services can be easily integrated into other apps or software.

Regarding their proxy network, there aren’t major issues and many users praise their service.

However, the only inconvenience (issue) reported by some users is their bandwidth-based pricing. Making Luminati a potentially expensive solution for high-traffic, intensive bandwidth consumption projects.


  • (Static and Rotating) Residential and Datacenter proxies
  • 39+ Million Residential proxies, 9+ Million mobile proxies and 300+ thousand private IPs
  • 7-Days free trial
  • Luminati proxies best used for SEO, web-scraping, data-mining, geo-targeted scraping

Recommended Plan – Residential Shared IPs – $12.5/GB

Monthly Price $500
Bandwidth 40 GB
Proxy Format HTTP/HTTPS
Proxy Type IPv4


All Luminati proxy packages, including data-center (private) proxy ones, have bandwidth-based pricing. Meaning that you based on how much network bandwidth you are using.

Basically, you have access to their whole proxy network, with Millions of IPs with a fixed priced (provided you do not surpass the bandwidth limit).

Luminati Customer Support and User Experience

Luminati’s support team is available 24/7 and they can be contacted by email, telephone, or Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat or WebQQ.

Luminati has one of the most complex but easy to use Interface and website. Everything on the Luminati user’s control panel can be found and controlled with just a couple of clicks.

Furthermore, their learning hub and knowledge base are very extended and almost any issue is explained and a solution is provided.


Luminati Review – In conclusion

Luminati, as the developers and creators of the technology behind residential proxies, should be considered as a solution for anyone looking to buy residential proxies.

They offer access to a large network of residential IPs and granular-level geographic control (up to a city level) over the proxies used. Furthermore, their LPM (Luminati Proxy Manager) makes managing residential IPs easier and offers a direct control over the proxy network.

Monthly Plan
1/2 Year Or Yearly Plan
Payment Methods Allowed
Credit/Debit Card
Username:Pass Login
IP Authentication
IP/Proxy Types
Residential IPs proxies
Private proxies
Residential IPs
37 Million

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