Social Media Proxies

Here’s a complete list with all the providers selling social media proxies, both residential and data-center ones.

It’s best you choose proxies based on the platform where you will be using them. That’s why you should look for proxies for:

By choosing any of the above categories, you will get working proxies for your platform. And avoid any account blocks or extra verification caused by faulty IPs.

Here’s a complete list of providers.

Residential & 4G

Storm Proxies


Storm Proxies Review Highlights Storm Proxies has been active on the market since 2016 and they offer both residential and data-center proxies. Storm ...

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IP Lease


25% DISCOUNT - USE: BPP25IPOFF IPLease Review Highlights IPLease is a proxy provider with a focus on offering virgin private proxies and dedicated ...

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Instant Proxies


Instant Proxies Review Highlights Instant Proxies is one of the few proxy providers that doesn't focus on selling dedicated proxy packages for web services. ...

Virgin Proxies



25% DISCOUNT - USE: BPPSSL25OFF SSLPrivateProxy Review Highlights One of the biggest names in the private proxy industry, SSLPrivateProxy offers both ...

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Squid Proxies


Squid Proxies Review Highlights Squid Proxies is one of the few proxy providers that focuses exclusively on providing shared and dedicated proxies for ...



Proxy-N-VPN Review Highlights Proxy-N-VPN is one of the biggest providers in the industry. And they have specialized in providing dedicated packages such as ...

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10% DISCOUNT - USE: BPP10OFF HighProxies Review Highlights HighProxies is one of the few proxy providers offering dedicated proxy packages such as ...

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One social media proxy for multiple platforms

What if you buy one social media IP and use it both for Instagram and Twitter, is it doable?

Well… It depends.

First, you need an IP that works both on IG and Twitter. Second, your provider should allow connection to both platforms (some providers block the use of a certain social media proxy on other platforms, for example, a proxy for Twitter might be blocked by your provider to access IG or that IP was already blocked by IG).

So, as I usually recommend, always contact your provider with an inquiry on your project’s request. Do this before placing the order. And if you don’t like the answer, there are other providers willing to listen to your needs. So don’t rush into buying a service that won’t satisfy you 100%.

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