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Few proxy providers guarantee that their private proxies will work with classified ads websites.

For a successful Craigslist posting, everything regarding your accounts should be unique: IP, phone number and ad content.

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Are you looking to increase the exposure of your ads or start promoting your business and products on classified ads websites? Then you need to look at Craigslist proxies.

These are private proxies allocated to be used on Craigslist and other classified ads websites. And if you want to use classified ads and local marketing for your products, then you must consider only these types of private proxies.

Most marketers neglect Craigslist and other classified ads websites. They have the false assumption that Craigslist is not a great marketing channel for them. However, the numbers create a different picture. A picture that clearly shows that Craigslist and other classified ads websites are underrated and undervalued.

Let’s consider their monthly visitors and their location. Craigslist has an average of 520 million monthly visits, by which 96% of them are from the US. This type of traffic is what is called premium traffic, which means that most advertisers and marketers will pay considerable amounts of money for ads, only to get in front of such traffic. But on Craigslist, this traffic is there already.

craigslist proxies traffic to classified ads

But there is another way that you can get in front of Craigslist traffic. You can use classified ads proxies, or Craigslist proxies to connect to the 14th largest website in the US and reach their traffic base.

Buy Craigslist Proxies From These Proxy Providers

Based on our extensive research and after testing several proxy providers, we have decided to list only these providers that sell Craigslist proxies.

Check the above providers and when visiting them, look for Craigslist or classified ads proxy packages. These are the packages that will enable you to post on Craigslist without any issues.

Why You Need Proxies For Craigslist Posting

In comparison to other proxy packages, such as Sneaker proxies (where you need them to power the sneaker bot), you don’t need Craigslist proxies for posting classified ads.

You can head now to and post a classified ad. And this is it. All you have to do now is to wait for somebody to see your ad. And this is a quite a passive way of waiting for clients.

Here’s where Craigslist proxies come into play. These proxies are used by marketers when they need to post multiple ads from the same IP address. Either through an automated posting software or manually.

The math is simple: the more ads you want to post on Craigslist, the more proxies for posting you need.

This is the primary use of proxies for Craigslist posting: you post multiple ads in a particular city or area. However, if you don’t need to post several ads, then there is no point in using or buying proxies. Regardless of what other people will say (even ad-posting software vendors), you don’t need proxies if you want to post one ad manually. Don’t waste your money!

But, if you need to buy proxies, or more IPs, for posting, you need to consider proxies.

At the same time, you might think that a VPN does the job as well. But this is not the case; when it comes to posting classified ads, a VPN will never do the job in the same way as proxies do.

Craigslist Proxies vs VPN

To better show the difference in usage for posting on Craigslist, here are a few differences that make proxies better than a VPN.

Craigslist Proxies Regular VPN
Choose Location YES YES
Multiple IPs YES YES
Dedicated IP address YES Maybe
Multiple IPs used at same time YES NO

NOTE: In other cases, a VPN is superior to a proxy server. It all depends on what how and when you need to use either one of these two tools.

The last table row is the main differentiator between proxies for posting and a VPN. With proxies, you can use multiple IPs at the same time. And if they are dedicated IP addresses, you will always use the same IP address (until you decide to change it – because you have the power to do so). Whereas a VPN uses one IP address at once, and you do not have control over the IP address that the VPN server allocated to your connection.

In other words, a VPN is better than a proxy but not when it comes to Craigslist posting. Here, private proxies for classified ads proxies are the superior product. The one you should consider buying.

5 Key Features Of Craigslist Proxies

In comparison to other proxy packages, Craigslist proxies have a few differentiating factors:

1. Custom Location

This is the first thing that you should always check when buying Craigslist proxies. You must have the ability to choose the location of your proxy package. For example, most proxies for Craigslist, once you buy a package or 10 or 20 proxies, will ask you to specify the metropolitan areas of your IPs. If you are looking to buy Craigslist proxies and you reach a proxy provider that doesn’t allow you to choose your proxies’ location, I suggest you look somewhere else.

2. Virgin or Dedicated IP addresses

The second most important factor of a proxy package for classified ads is the ability of your IPs to connect safely to Craigslists without getting blocked. This is important because you need to access the website and login to an account before posting. Thus, if the proxy’s IP is flagged or banned, you won’t be able to use them. Hence, always look for proxy packages that have either dedicated working IPs or virgin ones.

3. Multiple Subnets

A subnet is simply the IP range of one IP. For example, 127.0.X.X and 192.168.X.X are two IPs from two separate IP ranges. When buying classified ads proxies, make sure you get IPs from multiple subnets. If you buy 10 Craigslist proxies, make sure that you have your proxies from (at least) 7 subnets.

4. Monthly Randomization

I hope that you will never need to randomize your proxies’ IP. But you never know! The risk is that you need to login your accounts to a single web platform. And you never know when one of your accounts will get banned together with the proxy’s IP used to connect it. In this case, you can ask your proxy provider for IP randomization. And they will issue new IPs for your proxies. This is a great feature and make sure the proxy provider offers it. Just as an insurance.

5. The Provider Offers Multiple Locations

This is a different aspect than the above one for one particular reason: you won’t need it. But you have to check it. Again as an insurance that you picked the best proxy provider for your project. Thus, before buying, check the number of locations a proxy provider is offering. In this way, you make sure that the proxy provider has a large pool of IPs. In this case, make sure the provider has more than 8 or 9 locations.

How To Use Your Proxies For Craigslist Posting

There are two ways in which you can use proxies for Craigslist:

  1. Manually – By using your browser
  2. Automated – By using a Craigslist ad posting software

Regardless of which method you choose to use proxies for posting your ads, you should make sure that your proxies are HTTP/S ones – meaning the can connect via the HTTP protocol. Anyway, most proxies for classified ads proxies are HTTP/S, so there shouldn’t be any risks associated with this.

cragislist proxies posting tool

Regarding the automated way of using Craigslist proxies, you should consider one of the readily available Craigslist bots available today, such as CL Auto Posting Tool or Craigslist Posting Software

What is the best proxy service for Craigslist?

I don’t think there is anyone better than the others. But considering that we have chosen to display only a few proxy providers, you can think of all the listed providers as fit to supply working proxies for Craigslist posting.


Here are some questions that some users ask. Should you need to ask us anything else, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

1. Can I use Tor for posting on Craigslist?

You can use any tool for posting on Craigslist. However, you won’t be able to post consistently classified ads on Craigslist for one single reason: you don’t get dedicated IP addresses. Also, every time you connect to Tor, you get a different one. Sometimes from outside the US. The correct answer is that you can use Tor for posting, but it’s not practical and you risk flagging your ads instead of successfully posting them.

2. Can I use rotating proxies for posting?

Similar to the above question, you can use these types of proxies, but you won’t have the ability to post through them consistently. Another issue is that rotating proxies change their IPs quite fast and you risk having your accounts flagged.

3. Should I buy Craigslist proxies or VPN for posting multiple ads?

You should always consider Craigslist proxies for posting multiple ads. Because, the VPN is used for encrypting your traffic, not for marketing purposes.

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