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Sneakers proxies are some of the least understood private proxies packages. But the opposite stands true, these proxies are just like any other type of special proxy package. However, the main issue with sneaker proxies is not where and how they are used, but actually how shoe selling websites ban and block IPs when they detect abusive behavior. This is why, without further ado, we decided that it’s time to create an all-inclusive and complete sneakers proxies buying guide. This guide contains everything you need to know about these special proxies, from why you need them to how to use them and where to buy them from. All this is one single guide. This guide!

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Why do you need sneakers proxies

Shoe, or sneaker selling websites, are some of the most restricted websites available today.  Anybody can buy sneakers from shoe selling websites. However, the items that are the focal point for many are the limited edition pairs for sneakers released to market for a short period of times. During their market release, the websites where they are released are flooded with purchase orders. Furthermore, even if your bidding passes through and you are allowed to buy limited-edition items, the website’s checkout section will limit the number of items you can purchase, so you can’t buy more pairs for your personal collection or to sell them. This is where sneakers proxies come into play. To put it simply, through sneakers proxies you can bid and connect multiple accounts at the same time. In this way, you make sure that when you reach checkout, you can buy more pairs because you have more accounts (from different IPs) reaching the checkout phase of the limited-edition sneakers release.

In other words, you need sneaker proxies to have more accounts hitting the purchase button at the same time and increase your chances of getting as many pairs of limited edition sneakers as you want.

How sneaker websites ban IPs

Unfortunately, just using multiple IPs for simultaneous purchases is not enough to successfully cop limited-edition items online. The issue is that sneaker selling websites have a very peculiar way of blocking and banning IP address once they detect suspicious behavior.

sneaker website block proxy IP

In comparison with other websites, sneaker selling ones will ban a whole range or IPs once they detect suspicious behavior coming from only one IP address. We can only suppose that their main reason is to limit as much as they can abusive behavior. But at the same time, this means that if you share your home connection’s IP range with somebody that has been reported as having an abusive behavior on a sneaker selling website, you won’t be able to connect to the same website. The reason is that the range of your IP address was flagged as abusive. I think you can now see the issue with how shoe selling websites ban IPs and why you need to buy sneakers proxies to be able to buy limited-edition pairs of shoes.

Some of you might think why not buying private proxies or using any other type of proxies for coping and buying on sneakers websites. While this might sound plausible, actually it won’t work. And you won’t be able to cop effectively.

Public proxies vs private proxies

You thought of using public proxies for coping sneakers online but there is an issue, or better said there are several issues with public proxies for which they are not recommended for online purchases:

  • Security – You don’t know who controls the public proxy server, so any data you send through the proxy server can be intercepted
  • Technical – Public proxy servers are used by several (sometimes tens or even hundreds) of users at the same time, limiting the bandwidth of traffic and slowing down any request you send. Sometimes, the public proxy server might advertise as being online, but it could actually reject and block your traffic.
  • The public server’s IP might be blocked on the website you want to cop sneakers and you won’t be able to connect to it.

In other words, if you try using a public proxy server, you will have limited success in connecting and coping sneakers online. This is why, instead of trying to get free public IPs, you need to use private proxies for sneakers coping. However, not all private proxies are created equal and when you decide to buy proxies, make sure you get working ones.

So many private proxy categories (which proxies to choose)

You need to visit a private proxy provider to understand the multitude of categories from which you can choose proxies for your project. From cheap shared proxies to Instagram proxies and from SEO proxies to Ticketing proxies, there is always one proxy category and a dedicated IP for any category of website.

Why this fragmentation? Some think that the number of proxy packages available today is a marketing trick created by proxy providers to sell IPs at higher margins. Actually, this is not true and is just a myth that, sadly, is believed by many.

The multitude of proxy packages and categories you will find at a regular provider is just a way through which the provider sorts his proxies. And you, as the buyer, know that the IPs you buy will work on the desired website. Think of it as an insurance. For example, if you buy sneakers proxies, two things happen at the same time:

  1. The provider knows that you need proxies that are not banned on sneaker selling websites
  2. You have the guarantee to receive working sneakers proxies for your coping project

As you can see, proxies divided by categories is not a marketing trick, actually, it’s a way of making sure your provider can allocate working proxies for your business.

What proxies do you need for sneakers sites?

Now, the next logical question arising is what proxies do you actually need to coping sneakers online? Luckily, there are a few providers offering sneakers proxies. So you don’t have to worry about getting proxies and IP for other services and then trying them on sneakers selling websites.

However, not all sneakers proxies are created the same and before buying your IPs, make sure you are aware of the following things about sneakers proxies:

  • Sneakers proxies are sold in half-ranges or full ranges of IPs – this is why you will see providers selling packages for sneaker websites containing 125, 150 or 250 IPs. The reason for this packages is the way websites block IPs. Thus, even if you buy 250 sneakers proxies but use only 10, those 10 IPs are protected and you know that nobody else uses the same IP range. Therefore, your IPs’ range is not at risk of getting blocked by someone else’s abusive behavior.
  • Private proxies for sneakers are virgin ones – this means that they have never been used, or allocated before. In this way, you know with certainty that when you buy your sneakers proxies, your IPs are not blocked or banned.

These two benefits are necessary if you want to use sneakers proxies to successfully cop limited-edition items online.

Here’s where the coping takes places

If you want to cop limited-edition sneakers, you don’t need to check all shoe-selling websites. There are a few websites where you can cop sneakers. Moreover, on some of these websites, you can cop even other limited-edition items:

Supreme - homepage - bestproxyproviders

There are other limited edition selling websites. However, the above websites are just a few. Moreover, providers with sneakers proxies on their offering have working proxies for most fashion and shoe selling websites.

How to cop sneakers online

You can cop sneakers online from the comfort of your own home, even from your personal PC. However, there are a few things worth taking into consideration before using sneakers proxies from your personal PC:

  • Your Internet connection speed might not be the best one
  • When you cop sneakers online you can’t use your laptop or PC for something else

Apart from these two things, you need to know that you can cop sneakers online both from your laptop – if you can leave the device to do its thing – or you could rent a VPS (virtual private server) and dedicate its full resources to coping limited edition items.

Can I use sneakers proxies manually?

By now you probably think that you can use sneakers proxies and cop limited-edition items manually without any issues. However, this is not the case. There are some limitations that prohibit you from manual successful coping.

For example, the main issue that limits your ability to cop manually is the number of accounts you can run simultaneously. Thus, you can’t run several accounts at the same time and perform multiple buying orders at the same time.

This is why the best way to cop limited-edition items through sneakers proxies is by using a sneaker bot – an automated software that will do the coping for you. Through a sneaker bot, you will manage to automate several accounts at the same time. In this way, you will use several sneakers proxies at the same time and increase your chances of getting your desired number of limited-edition items.

Best sneaker bots available today

There are several sneakers bots available today. But before buying one, you need to decide on which website you want to cop from because these bots are custom created for a single sneaker selling website. Thus, do your research before buying a sneaker bot. Here are just a few popular sneaker bots through which you can use your sneaker proxies to cop items online:

aiobot sneaker bot

As mentioned above, there are just some of the few sneakers bots available today. Moreover, as it was pointed out on VICE: “using a bot doesn’t guarantee your purchase, it just increases your chances and gives you an advantage over others.

How to use sneaker proxies

How exactly are you going to use your sneaker proxies? The answer is simple, you really need a bot to stand a chance and actually have some success in coping limited-edition sneakers. Therefore, once you get your bot you will have to implement and set your sneaker proxies in your bot. So all your bot’s requests will be tunneled through the proxy server and its different IPs.

Anatomy of a sneaker coping operation

We have to say a few words on a regular sneaker coping operation. You can check the above chapters to see that we mentioned almost everything there is to know on how to cop using sneaker proxies.

  1. It is best to have a VPS rented so you don’t have to worry about downtime or a lagging connectivity. Basically, with a VPS you have a machine (computer) on standby and anytime ready to start coping online.
  2. Once you get your VPS, you need to decide on a sneaker bot and the website (or websites) where you are going to do your coping.
  3. And finally, you will need working sneaker proxies to stand a chance and effectively cop sneakers online.

Basically, this is everything you need in order to start coping sneakers and limited-edition items online. Now, let’s see where you can get the best sneaker proxies for your coping project.

Best Sneaker Proxies providers

There are not many providers offering sneakers proxies, but from several providers, we picked only those that offer sneaker or shoe proxies. In this way, you know with certainty that you will get working proxies for your coping operation.

Provider Price per Sneaker Proxies
Proxy-N-VPN $2.20
SSLPrivateProxy $2.60
IPLease $1.80
BuyProxies $3
Mexela $3

BPP - Best Proxy Providers - Sneaker Proxies

To wrap up

Anybody can cop limited-edition sneakers online by using sneakers proxies and developing its own coping operation. Some might be afraid to start coping, thinking that they need technical skills or programming skills to cop shoes online. However, as you saw, all you need to start coping successfully is a VPS, a sneaker bot and working private proxies for sneaker websites.

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