Best Proxy And VPN Review

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Best Proxy And VPN Review
Deal Score+6
$3.66/proxy Visit Site
Deal Score+6
$3.66/proxy Visit Site

BestProxyAndVPN Review Highlights

BestProxyAndVPN offers only private proxies and they do not sell shared proxy. They offer both HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS proxies. And their proxies work on Gaming websites.

Best Proxy And VPN offers only dedicated IPs and VPNs. Very transparent and they recognize that their proxies don’t work successfully with Classified Ads websites nor with Ticketmaster. But their proxies work with SilkRoad.

They allow any activity as long as it does not generate an abuse complaint from a third party. BestProxyAndVPN has a very strict anti-SPAM policy. They offer both HTTP and SOCKS proxies but you can not run them at the same time. You have to switch between them.

Our Main Take

BestProxyAndVPN offers only private proxies, however, they don’t sell any special or dedicated proxy package. But on their FAQ page, they specify where their proxies work and where they don’t. For example, their proxies work on Gaming or Media websites (like Hulu) but they do not work on Ticketmaster or Craigslist.

8.4 Total Score
Provider of private proxies only (no shared proxies on sale).

No spam policy.

  • Private proxies only, no shared proxies.
  • Complicated website with a lot of information spread all over the place.
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Market Talk – What Customers Say About BestProxyAndVPN

There isn’t a lot of talk about BestProxyAndVPN, but the few users that we found are happy with the level of server offered by BestProxyAndVPN.


  • 74 Server Locations
  • 3 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • BestProxyAndVPN proxies best used for online gaming

Recommended Plan – 12 Private Proxies

Monthly Price $43.99
Number of Proxies 12
Proxy Format HTTPS
Proxy Type Private Proxies
Proxy Randomization Monthly
Price Per Proxy $3.66

BestProxyAndVPN Customer Support and User Experience

There isn’t a lot of talk about BestProxyAndVPN, but the few users that we found are happy with the level of service offered by BestProxyAndVPN. Support is offered only through their Message form which you can find it on their website’s footer.

BestProxyAndVPN doesn’t offer the most intuitive website. There is a lot of information spread around several pages. However, the “Buy Proxies” and “Buy VPN” buttons in the top menu should be enough to buy from them.


BestProxyAndVPN Review – In conclusion

BestProxyAndVPN offers both proxies and VPNs and they only sell private proxies. Furthermore, before buying from them, check their FAQ page to make sure that their proxies work on the websites on which you want to use them.

BestProxyAndVPN Specs

Private Proxy Types
Shared Proxies
Private Proxies
Virgin Proxies
Dedicated Proxies Packages
SEO Proxies
Social Media Proxies
Sneaker Proxies
Classified Ads Proxies
Gaming Proxies
Ticketing Proxies
Username:Pass Login
IP Authentication
Provider Features
Multiple Locations
SOCKS Proxies
Multiple Subnets
Monthly Randomize
Server UpTime 99.9%
High Anonymity / Elite Proxies
Payment Methods Allowed
Credit/Debit Card
Monthly Plan
1/2 Year Or Yearly Plan
Shared VPNs
Private VPN

Proxy Servers Locations

US Locations:
  • Atlanta GA
  • Baltimore MD
  • Boston MA
  • Charlotte NC
  • Chicago IL
  • Cleveland OH
  • Columbus OH
  • Dallas TX
  • Denver CO
  • Houston TX
  • Indianapolis IN
  • Irvine CA
  • Kansas City MO
  • Los Angeles CA
  • Las Vegas NV
  • Louisville KY
  • Miami FL
  • Nashville TN
  • New York NY
  • Newark NJ
  • Oklahoma City OK
  • Orlando FL
  • Philadelphia PA
  • Phoenix AZ
  • Portland OR
  • San Jose CA
  • Scranton PA
  • Seattle WA

International Locations:
  • Canada
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • Taiwan
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom



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1 Comment
  1. BestProxyandVPN advertise that they can geo in different locations, but this is not true (at least in my experience). When I sent a polite query to them asking them why their proxies were not working in China, they replied saying that they don’t have any answer or a solution for me, and as they can’t fix the problem they automatically cancelled my account and refunded my money. This pretty much well shut down my application… and sent me offline. I asked them to restore and they said I would need to sign up for a new account… What The!?

    Would not use these company again as they don’t come across as being very switched on, or care about their customers.

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