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There are high chances that best proxy service is a very used keyword in search queries. The logic behind it is understandable. Everybody wants to get the best proxies for their projects. The issue is not the logic behind this search for best proxy providers but the technical lack of knowledge of some users searching for working proxies. Indeed, they might know that the proxies they need must have IPs from certain data locations, or that they need to be HTTPS ones and not SOCKS proxies. However, the hard truth is that they will not find good providers this way.

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This type of search for the best service or proxy provider stems from the association of private proxies with VPNs. But this similarity has nothing to do with a user’s quest to get the best proxies.


A VPN is a more sophisticated tool. But at the same time, it is an easier to purchase a product. All VPNs are similar and they offer one single solution. They protect a user’s privacy by encrypting and diverting traffic through the VPN server.

Private proxies are almost doing the same thing, except they do not encrypt traffic. They only divert the traffic through a proxy server.

On the surface, both products are similar. The issue is how they are actually used. Most VPNs are used as plain vanilla privacy tools. They are used only to encrypt traffic and keep it private. But private proxies, either cheap shared proxies or premium elite ones are used differently. They are used to connect or perform certain tasks on other Internet platforms.

Therefore, it is easier to look to buy a VPN because the criteria to choose one are limited. Usually, the deciding factor for a VPN is either the price, user reviews or anonymity level. Thus, users searching for best VPN service will get results relevant to their search, such as the best VPN for anonymity of the best budget VPN.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with private proxies. As mentioned above, technically, private proxies look similar to VPNs. But they are used differently. Thus, users searching for the best service in the proxy world could get conflicting results.

This is why we consider searching for proxies this way flawed. Users looking to get the best proxy service will probably end up buying from a provider that ranked for this keyword but doesn’t provide working proxies for the user. Therefore, users need to look for best proxies for their needs.


A more accurate search term for which users can look for working proxies is to search for best proxy service for [X]. Where [X] is the website or platform where they intend to use the proxies. Because all proxies will divert traffic through their servers and hide a users IP. But the same proxies could be simply blocked on certain platforms.

For example, there are users needing proxies to perform SEO tasks and hide their IP. While there are marketers using private proxies to develop and manage several social media accounts from the same server. Thus, they will not manage to connect all their accounts at the same time, from the same IP. Moreover, there are other proxy users in need of working proxies to automate online sneaker purchases through sneaker bots. Or they need proxies to access restrictive websites such as ticketing websites.

Now it is clear that all these users need working proxies for their needs. But the first user needs the best proxy service for SEO, the seconds needs a proxy service for social media. While the third one needs sneakers proxies and the forth ticketing ones.


All the above users do not need the best proxy service. They need a solution tailored to their needs. They need the best service that provides working proxies for their needs.

Moreover, from the multiple of proxy providers, most of them specialized in providing working proxies for certain uses of platforms. For example, the best proxy service for SEO is offered by providers offering shared proxies. While the best service of social media is offered by SSLPrivateProxy. On the other hand, the best proxies for Craigslist are offered by ProxyKey.

This makes it clear that a purely simple best service does not exist in the proxy world. And users need to look for services specialized in offering working proxies for their needs.

On the other hand, there are users who do not know which provider offers the best proxies for their needs. Or simply, can’t find specialized working proxies for their needs. Therefore, they must look at solving this problem from another angle.


For those users who can’t find the best working proxies or simply do not trust review websites, can always buy virgin proxies.

These [virgin] proxies are clean proxies never used before. Basically, they have clean Ips. Allowing users to connect freely to any website or online platform they find fit. But there is an issue with these proxies. Their price.

These elite proxies with clean IPs are sold at a premium. They are more expensive then working proxies for special used. But, by purchasing them, providers guarantee to allocate working proxies. Thus, they could be used anywhere, everywhere and connect to any sort of website.

But there is a little trick that users could use. While purely virgin proxies are more expensive, providers are selling virgin proxies at a lower price for certain services.


While virgin proxies will connect freely and work on any website, users can also get virgin IPs for certain websites. These are simply proxies with clean IPs for a certain platform. Meaning the have never been used to connect to this platform before.

Moreover, providers should not think that virgin proxies are the same thing with virgin proxies for a category. A virgin proxy have never been used before, while a virgin one for a platform has never been used for that platform, but was probably used before on another platform.

For example, most Facebook proxies are virgin ones for the social media platform. But they are not virgin for other services. Previously to being allocated as Facebook proxies, they might have been used for sneakers coping.

So, an user must always make sure that he gets working proxies, or even virgin ones for the website he intends to use them. But they should always make a clear distinction between virgin proxies with clean IPs and virgin ones for certain platforms.


Because of the similarity between VPNs and proxy providers, many users look for the best proxy service in the wrong way. Similar to VPN searches and purchases, users look for a general proxy service. However, this is the wrong approach. Instead, they should look for the best proxy service for their category. If they need social media proxies, they should search and but the best proxy service for social media. And if they need sneaker proxies, they should look for the best service and provider of sneaker proxies. Moreover, if users can’t locate the best provider of proxies for a certain use, they can always buy virgin proxies. These proxies have clean IPs, they have never been used and can safely connect a user to any online website or platform. The only inconvenience is the price of these proxies. Virgin ones are more expensive then regular private proxies.

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