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If you are marketer involved in local services, there is a high probability that you had used classified ads websites, such as Craigslist to promote your services or products. While many consider Craigslist a website left in the 1990s, with its more than one billion monthly visitors, they should reconsider it. In addition, anybody looking to reach local customers should consider both Facebook and Craigslists.

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While not every marketer or salesman needs them, there are a few categories that need to buy Craigslist proxies for their marketing. Marketers of real estate, boat/yacht salesmen or antique auctioneers should consider using Craigslist proxies to increase the number of ads posted in their local area.

Basically, all the above categories resume to a few similarities between them. Similarities, which anybody that can see them in their domain, can buy Craigslist proxies for marketing.


The similarities of those able to use these proxies to post multiple ads are the relatively high price of their products and they must be tangible goods. In addition, the product/buying life cycle must include a viewing (the buyer must physically move and reach the product before the purchase) and the life span of the product must expand over several years.

The above similarities could be better viewed and understood if they are in a list.

Buy craigslist proxies if you sell a product that is:

  1. Tangible

  2. Relatively high price

  3. Item must require a viewing prior to buying

  4. Perennial lifecycle

Construct a chart and if your product has the similarities described above, then you should consider buying proxies and starting advertising on local classified ads websites.


There are a few thinks any marketers should consider before buying proxies to post on classified ads websites. First, we must mention that not all proxy providers are suited to offer Craigslist proxies.

While some of them might advertise their proxies as working for classified ads websites, a marketer should always consider due diligence and a manual review of the provider. In addition, we recommend you should always contact the provider and ask any question you find fit he must answer. Failing to answer your questions should lead to your decision to disregard the provider and move to another one.

Furthermore, in your inquiry to find the best-suited provider from which to buy your proxies, consider asking questions about the following three factors:

1. Servers Location

First, look for providers offering proxies in your local area. While many providers offer proxies from Los Angeles, very few will offer proxies from Atlanta. Therefore, you should take a bottom-up approach and look for providers offering proxies in your city or metropolitan area.

Then, you should either buy a couple of proxies to test their IPs and check if they are from your location. Or you should ask for a demo. For a trial for a few proxies from your area.

Third, always try if your proxies work on Craigslist and if you can connect and post as well.

2. Price

The price should be another factor to take into consideration. Not against the price of your products. But you must consider it against the number of ads in your categories. If your category is populated with hundreds of ads, you will need more than 20 craigslist proxies to have an impact and see some results. The price becomes a real factor once you have to buy more than ten proxies.

3. Allocation

The third factor to consider is the allocation of your proxies. For this one, we recommend you contact your supplier and ask it about the allocation of your proxies. In addition, you should specify that you want your proxies for Craigslist and all your IPs must be from the same geographical area.

4. IP Refresh

Most proxy providers offer the option of an IP refresh with every billing cycle or with every 30 days period. Before you make your purchase, ask the provider about the IP refresh and under which conditions a proxy gets a new IP. You must find out before placing the order with your provider for your Craigslist proxies.


As mentioned above, there are few providers offering proxies suited for classified ads websites. In addition, there are even fewer providers offering Craigslist proxies. However, it all the above in mind, we think the following providers a good first choice when it comes to the geographical location of their servers and the ability to use their proxies on classified ads websites.



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