3 Reasons to buy Craigslist proxies for marketing

If you are a local business owner, chances are you already thought of using classified ads websites, like Craigslist, to adverstise and promote your services or business. But, have you ever considered to buy Craigslist proxies for marketing your business? We bet you haven’t.

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Using Craigslist proxies for marketing is not a mainstream marketing strategy. But, taking a counter-intuitive and against the trend approach, you can benefit greatly from using them in your marketing strategy. Therefore, without losing anymore your precious time, we are going to show three reasons for which any local business owner needs to buy Craigslist proxies.


This is the most ‘unorthodox’ way of using Craigslist proxies for marketing. If you buy Craigslist proxies. You can run post multiple ads at the same time. Therefore, besides you main classified ad, you can get creative and start running some Guerilla ads.

For example, you can post ads that do not sell anything but only specifies your business in a positive way. For example, you can post several ads where you impersonate one of your customers that mention your business as a cheap place for a certain product.

While viewers of your ads will not call straight away, they certainly will make a mental note of your business name.


The second reason to buy Craigslist proxies is to scale your advertising distribution. Basically, you buy and use your proxies to post several ads referring back to your business.

This is a ‘plain vanilla’ approach. It is a straightforward way of using your proxies. You buy them to gain multiple access points to Craigslist and then you posts relevant ads referring back to your website.

However, for this type of marketing through Craigslist proxies, we recommend you use multiple phone numbers or contact details. Because there is a small chance that your ads could be blocked by the Craigslist.


The third, but not the last, reason for which you should buy Craigslist proxies is to test ad copy. Marketing and advertising can be a hit and miss game. Moreover, success is reached by making small incremental tests where you change one parameter at a time. And then monitor and track the results.

For this, you can use your proxies for simply posting an almost similar ad copy. But each individual ad posted through Craigslist proxies has a slight difference from the others.

While this is not a truly A/B test, you can test several ad copies at the same time. Thus, the experimentation time can be shorter. And you can deploy your most successful ad faster to you other Craigslist proxies.


In one of our previous articles, we specified what to consider and how to buy Craigslist proxies in 2017. Moreover, we must say that from the multitude of providers, there are only a handful offering real, working proxies for classified ads websites.

These providers offer Craigslist proxies from most US states or metropolitan areas. Thus, you can easily find proxies from your area.

Moreover, by offering special service proxies for classified ads websites, these providers will let you specify the area from which you want your proxies allocated. This is an important feature that separates Craigslist proxies from other proxy packages, such as social media proxies.


We recommend you ask your provider if you can use your Craigslist proxies for social media. As these proxies are location specific, you can also use them to develop a social media marketing strategy by managing several niche targeted accounts.

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