Use Proxies For Pokemon Go To Make Money

Following last year craze created around Pokemon Go, many players are still playing and hunting for the little creatures. Moreover, there are some users that found clever ways to make an income through the Pokemon Go game. Their operation is simple. All they do is automate a Pokemon bot and use gaming proxies, or proxies for Pokemon Go.

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In this article, we are going to present the requirements needed for you to start making money through Pokemon Go. As mentioned above, the setup is simple. And once in place, you need only the skills to hunt for Pokemon.


To play the game for fun, you just need a smartphone with an Internet connection and energy to walk around your city to find and hunt Pokemon creatures. However, if you plan to make an income out of your Pokemon Go passion, you can do it in two ways.

The first method of making an income is for you to personally grow the accounts of others. This is a time-consuming method and implies the straightforward use of a smartphone. And you to physically search and catch them.

However, if you do not have the time, not the energy to catch Pokemon in your area. Or if you don’t live in a metropolitan area, the second method is more suited to you. This method of making money involves automating accounts.

For the second method of making money, you will need to create a setup from which to unfold your operation.

The setup must include a virtual private server connected 24-7 to the Internet, an Android emulator and gaming proxies. And while you might know the reason for using a VPS and an Android emulator, the use of gaming proxies or proxies for Pokemon Go confuses many people.


Gaming proxies are simple private proxies used to spoof the geo-location of a Pokemon Go account in order to catch more creatures.

Gamers use these proxies for Pokemon Go in order to ‘teleport’ their accounts to certain locations with higher chances of catching more creatures.

Most gaming proxies can also be used as proxies for Pokemon Go. And more often than not, their IP’s location are from the big metropolitan area from the United States.


Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game. The game uses your geo-location to identify spots where to place creatures for you to catch.

While through a smartphone is a straight forward process for the game to function, the automation side of the game becomes a challenge. The game needs to read your nearest geo-location in order to drop Pokemon creatures for you to catch.

Therefore, you need proxies for Pokemon Go for their IP locations to be read by the game’s servers in order to drop creatures for you to catch.

Another reason for using proxies for Pokemon Go is to automate, develop and manage several accounts from the same server, by using a Pokemon bot. This is also our hypothesis for the process of making money.


Finding idea on how to make money through Pokemon Go is an easy task. One needs to Google for ways to make money with Pokemong Go and he will find plenty of resources.

From the multitude of ways to make money, we are going to pick and develop only the one that is independent of your location. This method was specified above and involves the use of a VPS, a Pokemon Bot and proxies for Pokemon Go.

After you deploy your setup and start developing accounts, the money making question arises. How are you going to make money?

You are going to make money by developing accounts and selling them on specialized websites that sell Pokemon Go accounts.

Even if an account fully developed costs $15, the setup can generate considerable profits because you can scale it. Basically, the more resources you have to invest into your setup, the more proxies for Pokemon Go you can buy and more accounts you can develop and later sell.


Making money on this game requires just a bit of imagination. However, in order to develop a scalable operation through which you can generate a considerable income, you must use a virtual private server and gaming proxies.

The scale of your operation depends on the resources you can spend on buying proxies for Pokemon Go. If you have more proxies, you can develop more accounts to sell.

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