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Squid Proxies
$1/proxy Visit Site
$1/proxy Visit Site
7.9 Total Score
Proxy provider with a focus on marketing automation

  • Clear focus on providing working proxies for marketing bots
  • IP authentication only, authorized access for up to 10 IPs
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Squid Proxies Review Highlights

Squid Proxies is one of the few proxy providers that focuses exclusively on providing shared and dedicated proxies for marketingSquid Proxies advertises as the proxy provider for marketers. They have proxies working with most bots and support most websites. They allow email, but only on large email providers, not with SMTP Port 25.

Our Main Take

You can use Squid Proxies proxy packages with any marketing bot that supports HTTP/HTTPS. However, they do not recommend using their proxies for Craigslist because, based on their customers’ experience, their IPs have a limited success rate on Craigslist. This heads-up is welcomed and you should consider Squid Proxies for social media automation.

One drawback for Squid Proxies is that they allow only IP authentication for their proxies. However, you can use up to 10 IPs to connect to your proxies, making it easier if you are running multiple automation tools from different servers.

Market Talk – What Customers Say About Squid Proxies

It seems that Squid Proxies is doing a great job with their proxies because many clients and proxy users reported using Squid Proxies for Instagram and other social media networks automation. We recommend you check Squid Proxies if you need Instagram Proxies or social media proxies.


  • HTTP/HTTPS Proxies
  • 21 Server Locations
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Squid Proxies proxies best used for social media automation

Recommended Plan – Private Proxies – SPP-10

Monthly Price $24
Number of Proxies 10
Proxy Format HTTPS
Proxy Type Private Proxies
Proxy Randomization Monthly
Price Per Proxy $2.4

Squid Proxies Customer Support and User Experience

Squid Proxies website is one of the easiest to use. Their website’s UI is intuitive and you can easily find what you need.

Regarding their customer support, you can contact SquidProxies only through their ticketing service. They don’t offer assistance through chat, skype or forums.


Squid Proxies Review – In conclusion

While other providers offer social media proxies, Squid Proxies focuses solely on providing private proxies for social media and other types of marketing automation. You should consider Squid Proxies if you need Instagram proxies or other proxies for social media automation.

Squid Proxies Specs

Private Proxy Types
Shared Proxies
Private Proxies
Virgin Proxies
Dedicated Proxies Packages
SEO Proxies
Social Media Proxies
Sneaker Proxies
Classified Ads Proxies
Gaming Proxies
Ticketing Proxies
Username:Pass Login
IP Authentication
Provider Features
Multiple Locations
SOCKS Proxies
Multiple Subnets
Monthly Randomize
Server UpTime 99.9%
High Anonymity / Elite Proxies
Payment Methods Allowed
Credit/Debit Card
Monthly Plan
1/2 Year Or Yearly Plan
Shared VPNs
Private VPN

Proxy Servers Locations

US Locations:
  • Anaheim, CA
  • Atlanta GA
  • Cheyenne WY
  • Chicago IL
  • Dallas TX
  • Henderson NV
  • Los Angeles CA
  • Madison, ME
  • Phoenix AZ
  • San Jose CA
  • Seattle WA
  • Tampa FL

International Locations:
  • Australia
  • China
  • Estonia
  • Israel
  • India
  • Romania
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

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  1. Their customer service is second to none! Very timely and helpful support over the years!

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