Where To Get The Best Proxies For Sneakers

In recent years, sneakers became more than a fashion item. Sneakers have become a social statement. And, with the help of sneaker bots and sneakers proxies, this fashion item has become also a lucrative business.

There are only a handful of providers offering sneakers proxies. The best proxies for sneakers can be found with a few proxy providers. The rest of them, have either the IPs flagged or they do not recommend their proxies to be used to automate bots.

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Sneakers shopping websites, such as Supreme New York, store.nike.com, Adidas or Foot Locker are some of the most restrictive platforms. They block IPs quickly.

Therefore, the best proxies for sneakers websites are dedicated private proxies allocated especially for sneakers automation tools. The tools used to bid through these proxies are AIO Bot, Another Nike Bot or Better Nike Bot. These bots will do the bidding, purchase and payment for you. This way, you will be able to acquire more sneakers pairs for your business.


As mentioned above, most sneakers proxies are dedicated private proxies. Moreover, the best proxy providers for sneakers will allocate you virgin private proxies. It means that nobody has ever used these proxies for sneakers websites.

Usually, these proxies will be allocated manually upon purchase. Thus, it might take some time until you receive them. Usually, the waiting time for sneakers proxies is from a few minutes to a few hours.

To look as if the purchase was done via a web browser, sneakers proxies are HTTPS proxies.

Once you decided to purchase proxies, do not buy cheap shared proxies or private proxies. The limited sneakers commerce is a lucrative business. We do not recommend choosing sneakers proxies based solely on price.

Your business success depends on these proxies, so when choosing the proxy provider, decide to get the best proxies, not the cheapest one. It makes a difference.

You will find the best proxies for sneakers at providers specialized in offering special services proxies. These proxies are often called ‘Sneakers Proxies’.


The first filter upon selecting the best proxies for sneakers is to look if they offer Nike proxies. If Nike proxies are part of they offer, it means their proxies are virgin and they support any type of sneakers websites.

Some providers, in order to offer their best proxies for sneakers websites, will sell a limited amount of proxy packages. In this manner, you know you will get the best available virgin proxies.


mexela sneakers proxies

Mexela is a provider specialized in sneakers proxies. They do not offer any other type of special service. They focus only on sneakers proxies.

This focus makes them offering some of the best, virgin sneakers proxies on the market. In addition, their proxies for Nike come in limited amounts. Therefore, you should buy sneakers proxies from them as soon as possible.


sslprivateproxy sneakers proxies

SSLPrivateProxy is one of the few proxy providers with complete services. They offer any type of proxies. Including sneakers one.

Their sneakers proxies are allocated manually once your purchase them. Thus, upon delivery, you know your proxies will work on every type of sneakers website.


buyproxies.org sneakers proxies

Buyproxies.org is another provider offering proxies for specialized services.

Their focus on Ticketmaster proxies and sneakers proxies, demonstrated they only operate with virgin private proxies.

However, the only disadvantage is that they do not offer Nike proxies.

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  1. I used the mexela shoe proxies, and they work alright…

  2. Mexela here too for the last 2 months. Good server +

  3. If I changed my bot can I keep my proxies?

    • Hi Raj,

      Not really. As long as both the old and new bots support your type of proxies (HTTP or SOCKS, depending on what you have) it should be alright.

  4. Why there are no residential proxies listed here?

    • Hi Haim,

      Residential Proxies are a category of their own, that’s why they are not listed here. Indeed, they could work with sneaker proxies. Did you use any residential proxies until now?

  5. Can I use ip from multiple providers with the same bot?

  6. I use smart proxy, no problems for last 3 months.

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