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Ranking in search engines and doing SEO is becoming harder by every passing day. The process itself is simple, but the competition is becoming very stiff, making it hard to rank in top places without the help of SEO tools. If you want to use SEO tools, you will need to buy SEO proxies through which to make your search engine queries.

SEO proxies will not rank you higher, but you can incorporate them in tools that will help you build backlinks and rank higher.



You need SEO proxies for your SEO tools because you will be making multiple search engine queries per minute. And if there are multiple queries coming from the same IP, Google, or any other search engine will temporary or permanently block your IP.

The best way to avoid this ban is to use SEO proxies which will divert most queries through them. While the search engine will receive all those queries from you, it will look as if they [the queries] where made from multiple IPs. Thus, none of those queries will look suspicious.

Another way you can use SEO proxies is to do blog commenting and build relevant backlinks to your authority website.


SEO proxies are proxies used to be implemented in SEO tools. They can be either HTTP or HTTPS, it does not matter.

In addition, because you will not connect accounts through them, you can buy shared SEO proxies instead of SEO private proxies. By choosing cheap shared proxies, you can get the best price for your SEO proxies. And you will not risk any bans. If by any chance your SEO proxies are flagged by Google, ask your provider to refresh them. Most proxy provider will include one proxy refresh per month.

For SEO, we do not recommend using virgin private proxies because they are too expensive for your needs. Simply buy cheap shared SEO proxies.


The answer to this question must be answered before purchasing your proxies. You can to purchase or use any SEO tool you find fit.

Some of the most popular SEO tools are ScrapeBox, Senuke or GSA xRumer. No matter which tool you are going to use, remember that most of them are doing the same thing.

In addition, all SEO tools allow you to implement proxies for running your operation.


As mentioned above, for SEO, go for cheap shared proxies. Some proxy providers offer proxies for SEO, while others only shared proxies.

We never recommend using the price of a proxy as a decision factor for most proxy uses. There are other deciding factors more important than price. But for SEO proxies, you only need proxies that will offer you anonymity and because no accounts need to be connected through them, you can choose even the cheapest proxies available.

Also, you should look for providers offering large proxy packages on discounts. This way, you get the best price for your SEO proxies.

These are some of the best proxy providers for your SEO tools.



Sslprivateproxy seo proxies



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