Use Virgin Proxies For These Four Platforms

As mentioned in a previous article, never choose a proxy provider based solely on price. Some cheap proxies work for certain services. But for on-line platforms where you need an account and log-in details, you need to buy virgin proxies.

By using virgin proxies, you have the certainty that these proxies have never been flagged for that on-line platform. Therefore, your accounts do not run the risk of getting blocked due to IP or proxy issues.


Bellow, there are four on-line platforms where you need virgin private proxies. You need virgin proxies in order to automate accounts. These three mediums are some of the most restrictive, therefore you need to protect your accounts.




Most marketers automate their social media accounts. To safeguard and ring-fence each account from one another, most marketers implement virgin social media proxies.

These virgin proxies, used as one proxy per account will protect you accounts and will help you run these accounts for longer.

Some of the best social media platforms for automation are Instagram and Pinterest. For these platforms, you can choose automation tools such as Massplanner or Pinbot.




Ticketmaster, the most restrictive website, employs an army of researchers to identify and block ticketing automation behavior.

If a normal proxy, used before by the provider is flagged by ticketing websites, your Ticketmaster account risks getting ban as well.

Ticketmaster is such a though environment, that most proxy providers do not offer proxies for them.




Classified ads websites such as Craigslist are very dynamic, making them a difficult medium for proxy providers. Thus, this is another on-line service from whom most proxy providers stay away.

Classified ads proxies are location dependent. You need your proxies to be allocated within a certain area. Therefore, most proxy providers will not be able to deliver on the location issue.




Sneakers websites are similar to ticketing websites. They are some of the most restrictive platforms. Very few providers offer sneakers proxies. And even fewer offer NIKE proxies.

Before purchasing sneakers proxies, it is best that you contact the vendor and specify for what website you will need the virgin proxies.




Most providers offer dedicated private proxies. But very few providers offer virgin private proxies.

Virgin private proxies are the only proxies that can be used with certain on-line platforms where you need accounts and log in details.

The most restrictive platforms are social media platforms, ticketing websites, sneakers websites or Cragslist. For all these services, certain providers started offering special dedicated virgin proxies.

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