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We have decided to re-start our blog and knowledge publishing with a “back to roots” essential information on private proxies and providers. Let’s start with this informative article on what are proxy servers and why should use them and where to buy the best private proxies.

What are proxies and why you need them?

A proxy is a server that plays a key role in protecting the internet user’s private information by operating as an intermediary between the user and the website they are accessing. A proxy server hides from the Internet-view crucial information of the user like IP address or MAC. So the proxy is for you if you want to surf the net anonymously.

People do that – surf anonymously – for different valid reasons, from protecting personal health and financial information to protecting sensitive company information. Browsing on the secure internet, spying on competitor businesses and protecting proprietary IP (intellectual property).

Private proxies are also very useful backlink constructing tools. Proxies also allow SEO to jumpstart the process of running search requests and optimizing them. Also, they allow registration of multiple accounts to give the impression that they are in different locations.

Proxies enable one to accomplish multiple functions on the internet as their SEO scraps big data online. Something one would otherwise not be able to carry out from a single IP. And this can be done right from their own server without being detected.

Private vs free proxies

Proxies are identified as either private or free proxies, although they really are just a ‘proxy’. However, for the purpose of distinguishing between the best private proxies to use, we will identify them as such.

Today you either get a paid and private proxy or free and relatively less secure proxy. Free proxies come in handy when you want a speedy change of your IP address. However, that implies giving up your personal data. They are also relatively slower than paid proxies which translate to slow browsing and slow torrent download speeds. If you do not have any safety and/or privacy issues, then free proxy is ideal for you.

On the other hand private (paid proxies) are more secure, faster, and reliable. They are easily available and can be purchased at cost-effective rates. Private proxies provide you with your own proxy server which shields you from the dangers of getting hacked by different malware, spyware, viruses and intruders.

Purchasing the best private proxies

Certain elements define the best private proxies – speed, reliability, security and location of the proxy servers. The closer they are to you, the greater the speeds. Strangely though, when it comes to proxies good customer care from your would-be service provider will save you many days of headaches.

Here’s a list of service providers where you can purchase the best private proxies for optimum benefits. They are picked based on web scrapping speeds, efficiency, reliability and security.


Selling at $29 for 10 proxies They are the most popular with over 120,000 dedicated IPS


Selling at $22.65 for 10 proxies or $86 for 50 proxies They have great proxies for SEO


Selling at $29.97 for 10 proxies or $99.97 for 50 proxies They provide fast proxies for foot sites

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