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SEO is becoming an increasingly competitive field. Webmasters need all the help they can get to stay one step ahead of the competition and generate income and profits. They resorted to all sort of tools and techniques. One such tool is Scrapebox and other SEO automation tools. Combined with SEO proxies, these tools can be a powerful weapon through which webmasters can rank their websites better and faster. However, using SEO tools and proxies come with a risk. The main risk of using this tools is misuse and spam behavior. Both of which can bring Google penalties and lower rankings.

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To help webmasters better use SEO tools, they need to understand what proxies to get for them. Using proxies for SEO tasks is not a straight forward action in which one implements the proxies in a tool and automate its tasks. Using proxies for SEO or for creating backlinks require respecting certain guidelines before implementing and automating SEO tasks.

In this article, we are going to talk about the need for SEO proxies, what these proxies are and where to get them. Reading this article will give webmasters a thorough understanding of how to use these proxies for SEO tasks.


Before ever considering buying proxies and insert them into an SEO tool, webmasters should consider if they really need these proxies. Because some webmasters will consider using only white hat SEO techniques. While others are using SEO automation tools that come with prepackaged proxies, such as SenukeTNG. Such tool does not require buying addition proxies as they are already delivered with the tool. However, there are some other SEO tools that require buying addition private proxies. One such tool is Scrapebox.

Moreover, some webmasters will consider using their proxies not only for scraping but also for manual content posting and blog commenting. Most SEO tools allow automatic content with backlinks submitted to forums on into blog comments. But, some webmasters prefer submitting manually their content with backlinks. Therefore, they will need to buy some HTTP/HTTPS proxies which to insert either in Proxyfier or in Mozilla Firefox.

Once a webmaster clarifies if he needs proxies or not, he must also be able to understand what kind of proxies he should be buying.


SEO proxies are HTTP or HTTPS proxies. These proxies are allocated for scraping on search engines or other websites.

Moreover, these proxies are sold in bulk, in packages containing between 5 and more than 100 IPs. Because these packages are sold with such a large IP pool, they will not be allocated from the same location. Therefore, webmasters should expect to receive proxies for their SEO tasks from all over the United Stated.

In addition, these proxies use multiple subnets and all SEO proxy packages come with the option of monthly randomization. This means that every 30 days or at every billing cycle, the proxies’ IPs can be refreshed. Thus, the buyer will receive other IPs for their proxies.

Almost all private proxies providers offer such a package. But, there is the main consideration for which all providers must look before deciding on a particular proxy package, the price.


When used for SEO, most proxies will be connected to the Internet or to a certain domain for a limited amount of time. Moreover, for SEO tasks, most proxies must have only one quality. They shouldn’t be flagged on blocked by Google. Therefore, SEO experts looking to use proxies for SEO tasks can consider price as the main differentiator between proxy services. Therefore, they can use cheap shared proxies for SEO tasks.

By browsing proxy providers’ websites, there is a common word that started popping from time and time again, virgin proxies. While these proxies [virgin ones] must be used for social media or on other restrictive websites, for SEO they are not necessary. In addition, for SEO, one can use also shared proxies. Because, as mentioned above, the price is an important factor when deciding which proxies to use for search engine optimization.


Above, we specified two notions which are important when considering which proxies to use for SEO. First, proxies for SEO must be able to connect to Google. Second, SEO experts will not connect any account through their proxies. Therefore, there is no need to use neither virgin proxies or dedicated private proxies. For SEO, experts can only use cheap shared proxies. Because they only need proxies that will be able to connect to Google for a few seconds or minutes at a time.

Thus, experts should buy proxies that are able to fulfill this requirement at the best available price. This requirement can be fulfilled by buying cheap shared proxies from most proxy providers.


If the price is one of the most important factors when considering buying SEO proxies, then SEO experts should consider buying proxies at the best available proxies. Providers with cheap SEO proxies.

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